Mar 27,2019

Where to buy clip in hair extensions product?

Are you tired of choosing the hair extension for your thin hair? Are you searching for a quick solution for your lateness? Or don’t you want spend long time in the morning to prepare the hair before stepping out of the house? Clip-in hair extension is your new secret weapon to get ready in 2 minutes! In this discussion today, we will talk about where to buy clip in hair extensions to get the best price for the best quality! Stay tuned and find out with us!


  • What type of hair and scalps are suitable with clip in hair extension?


First and foremost, you need to know whether you are compatible with clip in because there’s no 100% versatile hair extension for everybody. Fortunately, straight clip in hair extensions are not so selective in natural hair types and scalps but there are some notice for you.

1.1 Clip in hair extension are suitable with thin hair owner.

Absolutely yes! You should forget the stereotype of clip in which is bulky, easy to detect and strange feelings like itchy on your scalp since the new design of clip in hair extension make it more suitable for thin hair. Clip in, if you apply it in proper way, it is invisible enough. With the special design from Oscarhair, all of the clips are small and only stick in 1 side of hair weft, easy to be controlled by your fingers resulting in easy to get the right application to hide the clip and joints behind your thin layer of hair.

1.2 Is oily scalp suitable with clip in?

Another yes! Unlike tape in hair extension which cannot work best in oily and moisture environment, clip in can absolutely be used by the oily scalp owner. The clips are small and flexible but very tight so they can hold your natural hair well even in oily environment. Therefore, if you are finding a hair extension to upgrade your appearance in sporty summer, clip in are here for you.  Moreover, with light weight, clips in are superior than wigs and closure in adaptability with summer weather.

1.3 My hair is in special texture, could clip in blend with my natural hair?

Don’t worry about the ability to blend to natural hair of clip in hair extension. Oscarhair is the wholesalers of Vietnamese clip in hair extensions, we have hundreds of clip in hair texture from the common to the rare one, just take a picture of your natural hair and send us, we will find out the most suitable clip in hair texture for you. Even your natural hair is in rare colour, we would help you to find the best colour to blend to your hair. Those all consulting are from the knowledgeable and patient customer service staff who have over 10 years experience in hair industry. Like other product line, clip in hair extensions from Oscarhair are in variety of colour.

  1. Where to buy clip in hair extensions product ?

Clip in hair extension is one of the most common hair extension types in the world and you can find the clip in suppliers everywhere from hair salon to online vendors. However, I highly recommend you to choose a online hair vendors. First, online clip in hair vendors are closer to the hair source and they gain the cheaper price. Furthermore, they don’t have to mark the price up to cover the high cost of office renting or operational cost like European countries. Those financial advantages are not only beneficial for the company but also for the customer who will gain the best price for clip in hair extension. Second, choosing the online hair vendors are also convenient for you. Online hair vendors are always ready to help you to well-informed about their product. They are more accessible than hair salon, if you want to compare the price, you only need to text them and customer service staff are ready to serve you. You can argue that you cannot touch or feel the quality of hair when you keep in touch with a online hair vendors, in order to deal with this problem, online hair vendors are often hair sample available to tangibilize their products to help customer to touch product and assert their product simultaneously.

Clip-ins a choice for busy women

One of the leading hair company in the world is Oscarhair and there are enough reasons for you to put this name in your top priority whenever you buy clip in hair extension. Firsts, their special design of clip in hair is welcomed by every customer thanks to the invisibility, lightweight and the longevity. Most of the feedbacks about the clip in of Oscarhair are in agreement that the clip ins are very long lasting and easy to use. Second, comparing to other Vietnamese hair vendors, Oscarhair offer the best price along with flexibility in payment and delivery policies. The best price here means the price is equal to quality of the product. We believe that there’s no low price for high quality of product, especially in making clip in hair extension. Clip in hair extensions need painstaking process of selecting and sorting out the good hair fibers and then meticulously brocading into the weft, so there should be no low price for clip in made of 100% human hair. If you find any low price for human hair product, you should think twice before purchasing.

  1. Some hot clip in hair extension in Oscarhair

18 inches Vietnamese Clip in Hair Extensions are one of the most best seller clip in of Oscarhair due to its versatility to style after and the best choice of hair salons in American and Canada. Besides, we also have some other trendy products like Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Fumi Wavy Hair 24 inches, 24 inches Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft skindky straight hair for you to choose.

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