Nov 22,2018

The most beautiful and elegant hairstyles for Brides in 2019

The bride’s hairstyles play a big role to ladies appearance on wedding day, so they must choose the right hairstyle for their face. A simple hairstyle but never is forgotten by the year that is the bride bun hair. With neatly bun combines with veil or accessories to help brides more attractive and shiny

Beautiful buns for the brides with round face

Round face is famous for gentle beauty and good-looking. If you want to own a beautiful bunny hair but you don’t choose appropriate hair style, your look may be affected. Therefore, the bride needs to create baby hairs to cover small part of face. Beautiful hairstyles for this round face bride will bring overall harmony for all brides. Only with that secret, the bride can do it in a high or low bun. Do not forget to add accessories for more radiant.

Korean bun

Korean bun

If you do not want a complicated bun, Korean bun can be a perfect choice. This hairstyle has been reduced some complex steps in making hair. First, the stylist will turn the bride’s hair in the middle part. The next step is to use glue to fix baby hair neatly in hairline. All hair are brought back and then bent low on the nape. Thanks to the neat and tidy features, it is easy to reveal the elegance of beautiful Korean bun. If you are afraid of the type of bun is not suitable for V-line face, you can choose the bobbed bun or two parts bun. These hair styles will fit with round face. The confidence of the bride will also increase in proportion when choosing the right hairstyle

Bobbed bun

If you have a beautiful long straight Vietnamese hair , you probably do not have to be worry about every time you make hair. If you like the impressive beauty, the gorgeous bun hair will certainly make the ladies satisfied.

To create large bumps, floating and curly method will be fully utilized. Only the tufts of hair are too prominent. The bride just choose a simple and neatly wedding dress, combining beautiful hair extensions to create a harmonious overall

Classic chignon

Chignon is a low-pitched bumble bun derived from ancient Greece. Hairstyles were very popular among European women in the 1950s. Nowadays, there are more variations in appearance from the original single drawn hair, more suitable with the modern haircut standards. The romantic and classic of Chignon hairstyle is indispensable. They are still favor of modern brides to spice up their beauty in the great day

To get a beautiful bridal bun, the stylist often uses a soft sponge to cushion the inside of the bun. Start doing this style by dividing the hair of the bride into 3 different hair branches, with the super double drawn hair in the middle is much. Next step is to roll up the hair in the middle into the bun. The two branches of the hair will be wrapped around the bun in order to create beautiful style. Finally, accessories will be attached

Braid pigtail bun

The most beautiful and elegant hairstyles for Brides in 2019

Buns combine with braid and pigtail is not a new hairstyle. Therefore, there will definitely be beautiful bunny hair samples combined with strange-eyed pigtail that women have never seen before. In wedding ceremony, high bun mixed pigtail around is an interesting suggestion. This beautiful long hair will be the ideal condition for the thick bun to appear prominently on the top of the bride’s head.

Another option is the beautiful braid on bangs hair. The hair in the back is made curl and tied neatly to be a lower bun. Future brides can add some new branched hair to give more prominent

If the hair is long enough, the bride can braid hair from the top to the end of hair. Next, use the branch braid to bundle into a round bun. This hairstyle reminds us of the beautiful hair of the goddess in Greek mythology. So, they are also very suitable in romantic wedding atmosphere