Wig Straight Dark Brown Color

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Fear of taking so much time in salon to get a straight hair extension? Are you going to have an formal interview and don’t know what to do with your curly hair? Wig Straight Dark Brown is your best choice now, bring to you the professional look and very easy to install and remove.


You are going to 100% confident with your new straight hair. This new products of Wholesale hair will offer to you awesome experience with new design for you, and the high quality of the wig.


  • Why not wig?


The perspective about wigs has been changing so much in recent years. In the past, wigs are items to cover imperfections on your hair or only use when you are under hair treatment. In 1990s, it is really difficult to accept a wig in fashion industry, wig was a dirty word should be in secret conversation. Even the film industry in those years describe the culprit in crime often used wigs  as a cover to avoid being recognized by the police. The prejudice of wigs are something imperfection, something unreal, not authentic, not worthy to see. However, in recent years, wigs have been become the indispensable thing for many girls and be inspired by many celebs. Wigs are very important for black community but it has been more popular with other community in recent years with encourage from Taylor, Nicky Minaj, SIA etc. Wigs are no long commitment, give the users of freedom to change the appearance and that’s itself the interesting experience for everyone. Boring to looking into yourselves in the mirror? Don’t worry! Wigs will spice you life up! Or you just want to try a new hair texture but don’t want to take risk, wigs are for you! I myself have long and curly hair and am often teased by my friends, I always question myself “What if I were in straight hair?” The answer is not in my imagination any more, it is in my hand now , I have wigs and change the hair texture whenever I want without taking time to go to hair salon because I don’t need to take advice from any hair stylists and just want to challenge myself in my comfort zone. Moreover, wigs satisfy your creative imagination. What about red and orange wigs? Have you ever thought about it ? Trying a lot of hair colour, texture within  a blink is not a magic, it’s real with wigs.

  1. What’s new in this wig?

With this wig, all the standard of human hair quality is still used but the texture will make you surprising. The lace closure base is more silky and more strong than other brands thank to great effort of research and development team.  The colour of the lace is designed to fit with natural scalp colour of human. Some customers come to us and complain that they bought several wigs but the colour of the lace is the most irritating thing for them because it is too brown or too yellow like normal skin on the body. In fact the colour of the scalp is not like skin in other area in our body since the sunshine exposure level is different, scalp is under hair layers and u know, the function of scalp is also different so designing colour for lace is important for the beauty of a wig. With Wig Straight Dark Brown Color, you could also stretch them freely by your hand, it never deforms under normal use. It is easy to stretch to fit with your head and leave no itchy.

Another interesting news for you that dark brown is a top 1 hair trending colour in our store thanks to it versatile. Dark brown colour work well with all skin tones from bright to dark therefore, if you are searching for dark brown hair extension, this one should be in your trolley! Because this wig from Oscarhair is made of 100% high quality human hair, under the sunshine and room light, you can see the shine of brown and black is blending together, bring to you a modern, young but still professional look.

Moreover, straight hair is the texture of this wig. Why straight hair for wig? Well, you can find the straight hair extension everywhere in tape in, clip in or even I tip hair extension but if your pocket allows, you’d better go for a wig. Straight hair wig ensure the movement of hair extension is as natural as your real hair that is very necessary for straight hair which requires the silkiness most. If you are a big fan of straight hair, you cannot miss this wig!

Those above are some useful information about this wig, if you have any questions or want more details, feel free to ask us through Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!




Wig Straight 


Straight hair


 6- 32  inches




 Vietnamese Human Hair

Place of Origin

Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

Payment method

Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer

Ship by



Website: http://oscarhair.com.vn/

Email: oscarhairs@gmail.com

Add: floor 4 No 259 , Tran Dang Ninh Str, Ward Dich Vong , Cau Giay  Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone: +84936164010


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