Wig Curly Hair Blonde Color

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“Why could we change our make up on daily basis, why not hair?” Coco Rocha

In the past, wigs are only for women who are under hair loss, hair treatment or hair thinness and they have to make a lot of effort to disguise it or tell a liar about their wigs like “it is because of eating carrot” or some sort of things. Nowadays, the attitude about wigs has been utterly changed so much, wigs are not something need disguising anymore, wigs just are like nails, make up, eyelashes which are accessories and add up beauty. Wearing wigs and change hair style regularly is the new trend of celebrities and they put less effort to hide it or disguise it. Today, Oscarhair are going to bring to you a brand new product in this year: Wig Curly Hair Blonde Color it is predicted to lead the trend in white people community in Europe and US. Stay with us and find out what is new in this bundle!

Talking about the changes in attitude of people to hair wigs, wigs are no way considered as something to hide imperfections of natural color hair anymore, wigs are essential and indispensable items of all girl nowadays. Moreover, with the development of hair industry, finding a wig is not difficult as it was in the past, the availability of wigs make it popular and like lipstick, many women tend to have a collection of wigs to change hairstyle everyday. Instead of taking too much time for hair care weekly, style the hair daily and check the hair style hourly, wigs are the new solution for modern women to achieve the stunning beauty but not cost so much time and effort. Wigs, in modern viewpoint of many hairstylists, wigs are now affordable, easy to maintain and it’s easy to find a providers.


  • Wig Hair Blonde Color is affordable


Yes , definitely. wigs from all over the world could be made of many kinds of material like heating fibers, human hair, synthetic hair etc but among of those, human hair are now the best material for wigs even human hair wigs are often in much higher price than others. Deeply understanding the great demand of human hair wigs in lower price, Oscarhair is confident to bring the Curly Hair Blonde Color wig in very affordable price. The price is now much competitive because Oscarhair is near the hair source (Vietnam human hair) and could gain the best price from hair suppliers. Moreover, this bundle is processed under modern producing line which can cut labour cost leading to lower price. Addtionally, curly blonde hair extension is the main product line of Oscarhair for a decade so we have so much experience in how to  produce this hair texture with the lowest cost but competitive quality, when we jump into making a wig, we have advantage from the hair texture.

  1. WIg Curly Hair Blonde Colour is easy to maintain and install

In the past, wearing a wig means you have to take a lot of time to take care of it: washing, conditioning, styling, etc in proper way! With human hair material, you just take care of the wig like your natural hair! With high class quality of Vietnamese human remy hair, you can do everything to this bundle like your natural hair without fear of overstyling or overwashing. Moreover, in the past , wearing a wigs can cost you hours to wear or to braid because you want to trick people into thinking it’s growing out of your scalp and hiding anything fake. Nowadays, with the new design of this wig, the lace are now very similar to your scalp, soft and easy to control and can you don’t need to put a lot of effort to disguise the wig. Your hairline under this wig is like natural, the untrained eyes couldn’t find out the differences. Those kinds of advances make the installing process of wig reduce to 30 minutes for beginners.

  1. WIg Curly Hair Blonde Colour are always available in Oscarhair store!

Wigs nowadays are much more available than in the past, which does not mean your favourite wig are always available. That’s the story of availability. Moreover, there are so many wigs providers all over the world but which one is trustful enough? That’s another story. If you want a Wig Curly Hair Blonde Color, we can make sure that this wig is always available for you and never let you down. From the beautiful blonde shades which is wearable for all bright skin tone to the seductive curly texture, all of things in this bundle will worth each of your dollar.

Those above are some updated information about Wig Curly Hair Blonde Color, if you want more details or more insights, please call Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!



Wig Curly Hair Blonde Color


Curly Hair


 6- 32  inches


#1 -> #613


 Vietnamese Human Hair

Place of Origin

Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

Payment method

Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer

Ship by



Website: http://oscarhair.com.vn/

Email: oscarhairs@gmail.com

Add: floor 4 No 259 , Tran Dang Ninh Str, Ward Dich Vong , Cau Giay  Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone: +84936164010


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