Vietnamese Virgin hair from one girl

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Have you ever heard about virgin human hair extension? This is the best material to make hair extension bundles in the world but do you know that there are some kinds of virgin hair? In the last posts, we have just talked about Vietnamese Virgin hair from girls, and today we come to the best of the best hair extension material – Vietnamese Virgin hair from one girl. What makes virgin hair become the hair extension of all time? Is it really worth your money? All of that questions will be answered in today’s discussion. 


  • What is Vietnamese Virgin hair from one girl?



Well, we all know that virgin hair means the human hair in under no chemical process. After cutting down from people, it is tied immediately with hair bands to send directly to the factory to remove the damage hair fibers and short fibers. NO chemical process like bleach, dye or styling is involved, that’s why virgin hair is favored because it could remain the natural texture of the human hair. 

Virgin hair from one girl or virgin hair from one donor is a special type of virgin hair and has been hunted  by hundreds of many hair vendors. Most of virgin hair from one donor is out of stock after 1 day on website because it is often purchased by the large volume so there’s not so much for retailing. Virgin hair from one donor – as the name said – the virgin hair is originated by only one girl that means all the hair in the bundle was belong to only one girl. This makes the bundle is in 100% similar in texture and of course, make the price of the bundle is a little bit higher than any other. 

  1. Why do you need virgin hair from one girl?

Of course you may ask a question that :” Do I really need a virgin hair from one girl while virgin hair only is good enough?” Actually in some cases, virgin hair from one girl is really necessary and cannot be replaced.

  • The natural hair has specific texture. If the hair is straight texture, you can easily buy straight virgin hair and mix them until you get the desired thickness. However, if the hair is in special texture like detailed curl or coarse, the safe choice for you is purchasing the virgin hair from one girl. The curl or coarse pattern often varied from girl to girl so it is impossible to find the identical pattern to make sure that there’s no difference in texture could happen, even you find the hair from twin, the differences in environment could result in differences in hair texture. It is a fact that most of our customer who has the specific hair texture (like black women), once they found the similar virgin hair texture, they always ask whether it is from one girl because they want the hair extension blends very well to their hair. The virgin hair from one girl is important at this point as Vietnamese Virgin hair from girls.
  • The second case is the colour. It is believed that black colour is the most popular hair colour in the world but it is only in theory because under environment changes, human hair is under different shade. Like hair texture, there’s no exactly the same hair colour from 2 girls in the world due to hundreds of external reasons, an typical example is when you look at Uzbekistan hair, you could see the natural color can vary dramatically from woman to woman. The shade of hair colour could be dark brown, dark grey or dark reddish black could be called black sometimes but it couldn’t be black in nature and cannot blend well in your hair! That’s when you need to call to a hair vendor like Oscarhair for a consult. Comparing your hair to the hair tone and the customer service or salesperson will consult you the most similar virgin hair from one girl for you. Because it is from only one girl, there’s no difference in colour could be manifested.

  1. How to preserve the virgin hair from one girl?

The virgin hair is under no chemical process so you need to take care of it a little bit more special. Because the hair is no longer nourished by the scalp like your natural color hair, so you need to deeply condition it once per week. Taking care of human hair is super economical because you totally could make use of your hair care products you already have. However, one notice that when you condition the hair, the hair care products originated from nature like argan oil, olive oil is better than synthetic one. Remember that once the hair extension damage, it is impossible to recover, so be careful with hair care routine for hair extension. 

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Virgin hair from one girl


Straight Hair


 6- 32  inches


#1 -> #613


 Vietnamese Human Hair

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