Vietnamese Virgin hair from girls

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What is the most ideal material to make a hair extension bundle? Through decades, people have used heat resistant, animal fur, synthetic fibers, etc but none of them could make the hair extension blend as well to the natural hair as the human hair itself. In light of evidences, hair stylists have realized that all the effort to artificialize the human hair is nonsense and they come to make hair extension bundles from human hair itself. That’s a breakthrough of hair extension industry and it opens the opportunity for us to reach the hair market all over the world. One of the top 5 big hair providers in the world is Vietnamese Virgin hair from girls. This hair source will surprise you with all its advantages.



  • What is virgin hair from girls ?


When it comes to hair industry, some terms couldn’t be confused like virgin hair, remy hair, or raw hair etc. Virgin hair has not gone through any chemical process, even the trimming or straightening. The virgin hair provider will make the process as minimum as possible to keep the natural texture of the hair. 

As the requirement of customer, Oscarhair’s stylists has mixed the virgin hair from several girls to make the hair extension bundles with the wishing thickness, length and keep the differences in texture as minimum as possible. That’s why the differences in the texture couldn’t seen easily by untrained eyes, so don’t worry about the hair texture. 

  1. What makes the Vietnamese virgin hair from girls become special?

Although Vietnamese hair has just appeared on the hair market for nearly a decade, it surprise the hair extension fan with the competitive advantages. First, talking about the natural hair texture of Vietnamese hair, most of the Vietnam hair is straight and in black color with the thick yet soft fibers. If you are familiar with very thick Peruvian hair or soft and floating hair of Europe, Vietnamese hair is something in between. Thick hair could resist the harsh chemical process but sometimes it is not ideal for straight hair or wavy hair need silkiness, or soft hair couldn’t suffer hash detergent or chemical process, however, the hair extension need both strong and soft texture, that’s why Vietnamese hair can appear and favored by the North American and other markets nowadays. The quality of Vietnamese hair has been asserting from time to time, but the virgin hair is favored most. It is great convenience for hair stylists to process the hair after purchasing without fear of hash damage. 

Second, the price of Vietnamese virgin hair from girls is not as expensive as other hair source, it is always in the reasonable price. The other hair source like Peruvian or European has not always in affordable price depends on the availability of hair and has gradually been less and less available. Different from them, with the advantages of a new hair source, Vietnamese virgin hair is always available in anytime customers need. The long time of preparation for hair extension in Oscarhair is not because of the availability of hair, it is the carefulness in sorting out and preserve the hair in order to deliver the best hair extension to the customer. Hence, if you feel the readiness of the hair is not as quick as you expected, don’t worry and keep in touch with the sales person because your order could be in very careful processing. With the advantages of being close to hair source, Oscarhair always get the best price for the products based on low shipping fee, process in high volume. Being consistent to the quality of the products is our motivation to work and process the best Vietnam Virgin hair from girls, we understand clearly that only quality could be the best way to make the long term benefit.  Specifically, this products couldn’t be mixed with heat resistant fibers or any animal furs because it is very easy to detect and devalue our reputation as a leading company in hair industry. 

  1. What could be made from Vietnam virgin hair from girls?

Like virgin hair from one girl, virgin hair from girls could be used to make other hair extension types. Tape in, clip in, i tip or u tip hair extension, even wigs, closure, frontal, etc all of them could be made from virgin hair. Oscarhair also sell these hair extension products but virgin hair in general is always the best-seller products in terms of product selling volume. The customers are often the foreign wholesalers with the high demand for virgin hair because they already have the technology to process the virgin hair. The reason why they become our loyal customer is our best quality, our best customer service and always taking care of our stakeholders.

Last but not least, if you have the questions or want more information about the price and other delicious policy, call us through Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!




Virgin hair from girls


Straight Hair


 6- 32  inches


#1 -> #613


 Vietnamese Human Hair

Place of Origin

Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

Payment method

Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer

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