Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Straight Hair 18 inches

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Many people believe that when go for buying hair extension we should choose some texturized hair to be worth their dollars. Actually, it is a really good idea but not always true. When the trend “The rich is the natural” booms, there is an increase in demand for straight hair texture and especially Super Double Drawn Straight Hair, which is one of our best sellers product of this quarter. If you are searching for straight hair extension or looking for a healthy hair look, this bundle will not fail you. 

I love human hair extensions, that is true. The more I love them, the more choosy I am and not all the hair extension products will be listed in my favourite list. However, as 8 inch weave straight hair is always in my favourite list especially super double drawn straight hair because of several reasons that I think they will be useful for you.


  • You can styling it everyday!


Why do so many people love lipsticks while they can dye their lips? Just because human love creating their style, they want to change their lipstick colour, texture and effect, human loves changes. The same phenomenon happen with hairstyle. If we wear the same hairstyle everyday, we will be fed up soon. With straight Vietnam haircut style, we can freely style our hair extension without any damage to our real hair. And the most important thing we have to admit that we enjoy the feeling of styling the hair. People loves creating their own style, loves creating the masterpiece with their own effort – that’s the thing make us proud of our hair. Moreover, there’s no motivation stronger than one that strive for ourselves, we love ourselves and always want to make ourselves better by our own hands not others. Therefore, we love the styling tool to make our own unique style, we love mixing the hair colour that no one could have the same! That’s why hairstylist always go for straight hair because it is the basic texture of human hair and they can customize the hair in any way they want. If your mind is full of hairstyling technique like me, you will understand my craziness for straight hair. For that natural reason, straight hair is always advisable to be put on our favourite list.

Besides styling, you can also colour it again by your own hand. That’s so cool for a DIY hair extension labelling your style, your colour! Playing with hair extension will never end with straight hair. 

  1. Voluminous and healthy look will be get at the same time!

The second reason I recommend this bundle is that you can volumize and make your hair look healthy simultaneously. When I try other hair extension texture, I always wonder that if it is straight hair, it will support the healthy look so well but not volumize as well as wavy or curly hair, and wavy and curly hair doesn’t support the silkiness and glass look like straight hair (just one strong wind could make curly hair become kinky curly hair!), this bundle changed my mind. 

Thanks for RnD department, they produce super double drawn hair which is even from the top to bottom, all the fibers are exactly in the same length, it sounds like double drawn hair but don’t mix it up. Super double drawn hair comes with the highest amount of hair with the same length and the rate could go up to 95% (around 85% for double drawn hair). When you touch the super double drawn hair, you can feel the truly healthy of hair. You know, our natural hair grows at different rate so the ends of our hair strands is not evenly and thinner and thinner towards the end. However, the super double drawn hair as 8 inch hair weave supports the full hair look and the healthy look can be achieve from any corner. You can flip your hair to see the woosh-woosh effect! Your hair look thick from the top to tip, so this bundle can volumize your hair in that way. 

Do you know the “glass hair” effect? No, it is not actually things with glass, but rather a sharp cut that is styled to look perfectly polished, smooth, glossier and shiny effect – representing the perfect hair quality. The ultra luminous hair could be achieved by glass hair boosting products but the core thing is you must have thick end no shedding hair which is easily achieved with super double drawn hair. Instead of applying shine boosting products on your real hair which can attract dust and sweat, you can try it on clip in hair extension of hair suppliers. Being glossed to perfection – that’s the effect you can totally achieve with this bundle! 

Those above are some information about Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Straight Hair – if you are interested in, you can contact Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR for more information, price and experience in use! 


Double Drawn Weft Straight Hair


Kindky Straight


 18  inches


 #1B, #4, #8, #12, #27


 Vietnamese Human Hair

Place of Origin

Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

Payment method

Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer

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