Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Bouncy Wavy Hair

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Despite the trend “The new rich is the natural” with the “glass hair” effect, voluminous waves and curls still have a certain status in our heart and it seems like there’s no trend can take over the thrones of Super Double Drawn Bouncy Wavy Hair in hair extension industry. We are classic and creative women and we love the voluminous and voluptuous hair, we cannot miss this bundle. I have been deep into bouncy wavy texture for 2 years and never have idea of removing it from my favourite list and I will never stop recommend it for others! 

Before talking about the Vietnamese hair, from the first time Oscarhair released this bundle, it was like a crazy wave inside my heart that I must possess this bundle at any cost! You know what? This is truly awesome bundle! 


  • Best of the best bouncy wavy hair!


There are hundreds of hair vendors selling the bouncy wavy hair extension but this is the best one because this bouncy wavy texture is perfect! We have tested it on many face shapes from diamond, round, oval or square, etc and it looks so badass! If there were the golden ratio to make the perfect waves for the hair, this bundle is fitting in! The waves are not too big to cover all my small face like a sheep not be cut the fur for a long time, it is not too small that make your face look bigger, it is just perfect wave for all of us to try. Don’t worry if you haven’t ever try a bouncy wavy hair before, and be scared that this bundle will make you look older, because the glamorous waves will turn on your inner charming that you never think about it before. The first time I tried this bundle I screamed in happiness that finally I found the hair extension for the rest of my life! I don’t have to spin the fortune wheel every morning to find out the hair extension to start a new day any more! I know you have a lot of inspiration of hair extension, so if you don’t know which one is worth your money, Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Bouncy Wavy Hair will not fail you. 

  1. Different length for you to try!

One of the most satisfying things in Oscarhair is that they have different hair length for you to choose. As you can see from the pictures, there are a lot of length to fit with your height but for me 24 inches is the best one because I love the long bouncy wavy hair. One tip I want to share with you that you shouldn’t go for too long wavy hair that cover you hip because your curve cannot be shown off and you look like older and shorter. 24 inches bouncy wavy hair is my favourite hair extension of all time and other hot instagrammers. If you are going for a photo shooting at studio or want to take glamorous pics on your instagram, go for this bundle. This hairstyle will add more royal, vintage, a little bit retro, romantic, and elegant to your manner and your pics so much. If there is a contest to find out the most photogenic hairstyle, this bundle will win the first prize of course. 

  1. Voluminous hair forever! 

Sorry that doesn’t mean the longevity of the hair bundle is forever but our love for voluminous hair look is forever! I was born with thin hair I don’t blame anyone for this, but the most unfortunate thing is I love the thick hair! Growing artificial hair is too expensive and styling hair for the rest of my life is ridiculous, it is the time I go for hair extension and I fell in love with this bundle. Oscarhair has single drawn hair, double drawn hair and super double drawn hair and double drawn hair is the most satisfying because it is evenly thick from top to bottom, all the fibers are in the same length that’s why the super double drawn hair is always heavier and more expensive than the single drawn hair bundle despite being in the same length. Hence, if you are seeking the fuller look, you should go for super double drawn hair. 

There are so many texture that can volumize your hair look, for example  curly hair, kinky curly hair, ocean wavy or deep wavy, etc but I highly recommend this one for newcomers because this is very versatile meaning that this one is suitable for numerous occasions like wedding, party or outdoor hanging out or office even. 

Those above are some information about Super Double Drawn Bouncy Wavy hair extension bundle , if it is useful for you, please share it and follow our fanpage Oscarhair on Facebook or if you have any questions, please contact us at Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!


Super Double Drawn Bouncy Wavy Hair


Bouncy Wavy


 24  inches


 #1B, #4, #8, #12, #27


 Vietnamese Human Hair

Place of Origin

Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

Payment method

Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer

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