Vietnamese straight hand-tied weft hair

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With over 10-year-experience in hair industry, we believe that straight hair is never outdated. Straight hair is easy to maintain because it is the common natural human hair texture. If you are thin and straight hair owners and are seeking for straight hair extension, it is highly recommend for you to try our new product: Vietnamese straight hand-tied weft hair which inherits the good characteristics as other human hair extension from Oscarhair and designed with some new good features! Today, the most classic hair extension – hand-tied weft hair- will be in the wishlist of all girls!



  • Hand-tied weft hair brings the natural look effectively!


In the world of weft hair extension, machine weft hair and hand-tied weft hair are two main product lines. While machine weft hair is more common because of its availability, hand-tied weft is still favourable. Hand-tied weft has one unique characteristics that machine couldn’t follow: hand-tied weft is thinner than machine weft hair! The portion of the hair inside the hand-tied weft hair is less than machine weft hair. Why is this thinnes so important? Most of the hair extension fans have been searched for the natural look because almost no one wants other people to detect their hair extension! Hand-tied weft hair with small knots and very thin weft will lay flat on your scalp and cannot be visible to untrained eyes. Your hairline would be very natural when you use the hand-tied weft than machine weft hair. Hand tied weft is also favourable to make the sew in weaves. When they make sew-in weaves, the size of the knots need to be small to ensure the invisibility of hair extension, that’s why hair stylists always seek for hand-tied weft when they make sew-in hair extension.

As the name says, making hand-tied weft is conducted 100% manually, hand-tied weft is less available than machine weft. With the highly skillful workers, Oscarhair is so proud to provide the high quality hand-tied weft which is produced under strictly standard to produce hand-tied weft thinnest on the market. Hence, with hand-tied weft from Oscarhair, your hairline is secured naturally and comfortably.


  1. Hand-tied weft : no shedding!

The most common worry of hair extension customer is shedding. When customers see the weft, they often pose a question: How long will this weft be shedding? After how many uses will this weft be untied and cannot be used? Straight hand-tied weft from Oscarhair will be the best answer for you because it is no shedding. With the firm but small crocheting line, this weft ensures the longevity for the customer could reuse the weft. If you are searching for a straight hair extension,  Vietnamese straight hand-tied weft hair is available for you! You will love our hand-tied weft quality, definitely!


  1. Some tips for you to use straight hand-tied weft hair

First, hand-tied weft hair couldn’t be cut. Unlike machine weft hair is cuttable, you cannot cut the hand-tied weft, otherwise, your weft hair will be destroyed totally, all the Vietnamese hair will be unconnected and cannot be used. What if you want to shorten the hair weft? You should fold it gently to the desired length and sew it as usual. Because of the thinness, your hair weft is still invisible despite being fold.

Second, you shouldn’t push the weft through the weft because you can destroy the weft by that way. It is risky, when the thread is broken accidentally, the weft is broken along and all the hair rushes out of your head. In order to deal with it, it is advisable for you to sew around the weft. In that way, the thread will secure the weft and ensure the weft couldn’t rush out. Every hair trend will use this tip to apply hand-tied weft on customers’ weft.


Third, because hand-tied weft sometimes are not available and at higher price than machine weft hair, hair stylists often mix two types of hair weft together. Machine weft hair will be crocheted at the back of the head where the level of hair coverage is high and hand-tied weft hair should be sewed in the front of head where it is necessary to ensure the invisibility.

Finally, why is straight hand-tied weft so favourable? When hairstylists use this kind of weft to create sew-in hair weaves, straight hair texture will be easier to use, it is not tangle along the movement of hair strands during application time. Besides, curly or wavy texture need more considerations and taking care while sewing in because it could be easily to tangle. Hence, a lot of hair stylist nowadays choosing the straight hair texture and style it after sewing in your head.


Those above are some basic information about  Vietnamese straight hand-tied weft hair, if you want more information, let’s call Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!


Vietnamese straight hand-tied weft hair


Straight Hair


 6- 32  inches


#1 -> #613


 Vietnamese Human Hair

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Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

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