Vietnamese straight closure hair , ombre color

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Hello guys! Today we bring to you another new product from Oscarhair which is Vietnamese straight closure hair ombre color! In recent posts, we were talking much about wigs, clip in and tape in extension but there is another hair extension that is also trendy now and it is closure. Closure is not a new hair extension product in hair industry but Oscarhair redesigned it to fit with customer’s modern expectation. Therefore, if you are searching for a closure, this post is for you.


  • Why closure?



Some say that closure is something very strange to them but actually closure has a lot of good points that you will rethink after reading this. Hence, talking about closure, there are some good points that you need to read it now.

1.1  Closure is more comfortable than the wig

Actually it depends on the purpose of your using hair extension. However, some newcomers to hair industry said that they meet problems with the wig because they feel the wig is too much for them and they still want to expose their natural hair so the closure is for them. Closure just cover a part of your head, not all like a wig and you will never have to be afraid of clogged pores caused by sweat can’t vapor when wearing an unqualified wig. Some people have thin hair often said that a wig is too heavy for their head (because they are used to their comfortable thin hair haha!) and are not familiar with combing a thick wig every morning and a closure could solve their problem right away. With as soon as Closure (4×4) Straight Hair Black Color closure, it doesn’t put too much pressure on your head and you can comb it like your natural hair without any effort. The amount of human hair on the closure is less than a wig so you don’t need to worry about the overall thickness of your head after wearing closure. Moreover, some people still keep the prejudice that wearing a wig is only for under hair treatment to cover hair imperfections so it is something “not good”, “not natural”, we don’t judge this idea but closure could be another good alternative for them to spice their appearance up.

1.2 Lace or silk closure?


Lace or silk, both of them are good material to make a closure but Oscarhair mainly sell the lace closure and highly recommend our customer to choose the lace closure. First, lace is lighter than silk obviously, perhaps you cannot feel this difference by your hand but your scalp is more sensitive, you will be more comfortable when you wear lace closure. However, silk base has its own advantages we will talk more about that in the next post. As for lace closure, you don’t need to worry about your complexion. Silk base closure is often in light beige colour so if your skin is darker, silk base is not for you, in this case, lace closure will be your best choice. After applying lace closure, you can apply your own hair make up product to customize it for yourselves. Moreover, you can customize your hairline on lace closure to follow your natural hair line. Overall, a natural look without any “fake” points will be secured with lace closure.

  1. Why should this closure be in your cart now?


There are hundreds of hair closure on the market but this closure must be the first item you need to put on your cart thanks to the innovative people in our R&D department. It is a perfect match of ombre hair and straight human hair. A notice for you when you study about human straight hair is that straight human hair is not 100% straight as your ruler. Because the human hair extension in Oscarhair is 100% human hair not include any heat resistant fibers or animal fur, the straight texture could be a little bit wavy when delivering , you know, the Vietnamese human hair is soft and tough (not hard!). You can easily fix it by your hair styling tool and perfect human straight texture will comeback and could easily blend to your natural hair. Because the lace closure just cover one part of your head, it is perfect blending if your natural color hair is straight hair. Moreover, the straight hair is the best texture for ombre effect that could show the smooth transition of colour and silkiness of hair fibers. If you are in ombre hair already, this closure is for you definitely but if you are not, you can totally make a outstanding point on your hair with this closure!

Those above are some information about Vietnamese straight closure hair in ombre colour, if you have any further question, please contact Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!


Vietnamese double drawn bulk straight hair


Straight Hair


 6- 32  inches


#1 -> #613


 Vietnamese Human Hair

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Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

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