Vietnamese kindky straight Ponytail hair

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A beautiful hair weave is the open to manner. If you are searching for a tool to draw attention to your manner now, kinky straight Ponytail hair will be your must choice. Today we are glad to introduce to you a new hair extension which will win your heart from the first sight and it is Vietnamese kinkystraight Ponytail hair! This hair weave could be new one for newcomers to hair industry, so this post will tell you every outstanding points of this hair extension bundle. Stay tuned, and discover with us! 

1.Why kinky straight hair?

Vietnamese skindky straight Ponytail hair



This is also my question when I entered hair industry at first time. Kinky hair is the most special hair texture which has spongy zig zag, has a lot of shrinkage if you take close look. Hence, kinky hair is often dry, and easy to break. Kinky hair hair kinky straight hair is often found in black women because it is their natural hair type. This hair texture is also suffered from so many prejudices, for example you need a dark skin tone to match this texture or you need to pay a lot of money and time to protect this texture from dry and breakage, or it is an unruly hair texture, not versatile, etc. However, if be taken care properly, kinky straight hair is more attractive than you thought. Kinky straight hair means it has smaller zig zag on the hair fibers and you have to take a closer look or touch to feel the texture.

It is undeniable that kinky straight hair work very well with dark skin tone as nature but I am going to tell you that some our models with bright skin tone are deep with kinky straight hair. Straight hair, in people’s ideas, is something professional, plain but very easy to take care. However, if you want to spice your straight hair up, kinky straight hair is your best choice. Kinky straight hair provide the healthy look with the volume up effect and the thicker hair fibers. If you have a natural kinky straight hair, this bundle is obviously for you, but in case you have straight hair, you need to style your natural color hair first to blend with this hair bundle.


  1. Why pony tail hair?

Vietnamese skindky straight Ponytail hair

Do you love the pony tail hair of Ariana Grande? It is an interesting story that this is the only way for her to hide her damaged hair but actually it looks very well, very iconic. Ariana Grande committed that “My real hair is back to brown and I wear hair extensions but I wear it in a pony tail because my actual hair is so broken that it looks absolutely ratchet and absurd when I let it down.” Ponytail hair extension is her solution for hiding damaged hair.  Ponytail hair has been a symbol of dynamics, icon and fashion. The lesson could be drawn that if you are in hair damage or hair treatment, you have more choice than wearing a wig hair, a ponytail hair extension could be a better choice.

Ponytail hair is predicted to be trendy in summer vibes and will be hunted thoroughly. In many texture, kinky straight ponytail hair is the new code of outstanding. You see a lot of straight, wavy, curly ponytail, all of them make you confused and have to take time to try it or change clothes style to be fit with them but with kinky straight ponytail hair, you won’t have to take time to think because this bundle brings you enough creative look for summer vibes!

Vietnamese skindky straight Ponytail hair

Moreover, the ponytail hair can show the shape of your face most effectively. Our hairstylists give you some advice that ponytail hair will support your deep makeup look really well. Your thick eyelashes, thick and sexy lips, perfect eyebrows,  and your perfect contour should be on focus and should never hide behind any hair layers. Ponytail hair is your best way to show your confidence and let others will admire your beautiful face shape.


Thanks for our R&D department, kinky straight works really well with ponytail hair type. Pony tail hair is often known as the neat hair style for working women who don’t have enough time to take care hair every single day but they still can achieve a new creative look. You know what? There is a fun fact that ponytail hair is the royal hairstyle was worn mostly by queens and princesses of European kingdoms.Ponytails have changeed over the years and they have gone from high on the head to low over the neck, from super tight to super loose, and even on the sides. And today, ponytai hair comes with kinky straight texture will surprise any others, why don’t you try it now?


Those above are some information about Vietnamese kinky straight Ponytail hair, if you have any further question, please contact Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!



Vietnamese skindky straight Ponytail hair


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