Vietnamese Single Drawn Weft Hot steam wavy Hair

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Hello everyone, in this entry, it’s not simply product description, I want to tell you my own story with hair extension. What comes to your mind when you think of hair extension? Party, ball room, prom, wedding, right? Last week, I travelled to mountainous area of Vietnam in 2 days (because it is fall – nicest time to travel to mountainous destination) and because I’m a minimal lifestyle, bringing a hair extension along is such a difficult decision. No iron, no heating rolls, no specialized hair condition, want to achieve glamourous photoshoot, what hair extension did I choose? Straight to the point, Single Drawn Weft Hot steam wavy Hair is my choice. If you want a hair extension on travel, I leave the contact at the end.

Before going into my experience, take a look at what is hot steam wavy hair?

Hot steam wavy hair is newest form of wavy hair with loose waves and in long zig zag shape, the wave are ful from top to tip of bundle and in the same direction. You can see the picture for a clearer look.

Day 1: Visit ethnic minority on mountain

Perhaps you think that hair extension is not for travelling but hot steam wavy hair can support you very well. In the morning, there’s alurring foggy here that makes me want to do some photoshoots. Foggy means very high humid, but my hair extension wasn’t sit flat or stick together. My hair was still bouncy and voluminous in winds and actually, when I stand on the mountain in the dawn, due to the bouncy look, it blends to the thick clouds. Such a dreamy photoshoot! Then, in the afternoon when the sun is highest brightest, I was worry that my hair extension will frizzy, tangle in dry air and I didn’t have oil at that time. I had so much communication with native people, tried their traditional games, shoped native products but suprisingly, when I glided my finger into the hair, all the texture came back smoothly. Most of the time, I lived in traditonal house of tribes, it means there’s no technology here to style my hair but it hold the waves so well. I just stayed my hair free at night and it was ready for another day!

Day 2: Chilling at lake on mountain

Although there’s clean water in tribes, I didn’t wash my hair extension because I so tired at the end of the first day but there’s only minimal tangle that less than my real hair! I spend most of the second day to chill at the lake. The winds are quite strong and cool that advantageous to take awesome photoshoots. Actually I have a real short hair, but in my pics, you cannot see the difference between layers of real hair and hair extension. Importantly, due to the natural texture, my hair extension move natural and softly in winds. You know, the seamless beauty depends on what kind of extensions like wigs, clip in or tape in but the texture contributes also a lot. Just because the hair extension is made of 100% human hair, it

looks like exactly my real hair. Even my friends commented on my pic that why my weft hair extensions grows so fast! Such a beautiful hair extension that can fool all your friends!

More importantly, this kind of wave is not only suitable for daily look but after the trip, I can confidently said that it is also travel-friendly! It serves the sleeky and voluminous look even in high humid or dry area, even in strong winds.

I ended my trip in a motorbike with full – head helmet, I am 100% lazy so that I didn’t wear off my hair extension, until I came back to home, it was still tangle free, but to make sure it’s life expectancy, I combed and added hair conditioner after all.

I had a wonderful trip to mountainous area with scenic beauty, delicious food, funny experience but I cannot deny the comfortable feelings of hair extension. If you want Vietnam Single Drawn Weft Hot steam wavy Hair, call Whatsapp +84936164010 or fan page OSCAR HAIR, I highly recommend their product.


Single Drawn Weft Hot steam wavy Hair


Hot steam wavy


 20 inches


 #1B, #4, #8, #12


 Vietnamese Human Hair

Place of Origin

Oscar Hair – Hair supplier


100 grams/ 1 bundle

Payment method

Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer

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