Vietnamese Single Drawn weft fumi wavy hair 18 inches

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It is commonly said that wavy hair is safe choice for all girls wanting cho changes hair look. But due to the spectrum of wavy and curly hair, you feel confused? Or you want to change your hair look just a little bit of newness? Let’s check our brand-new product: Single Drawn weft fumi wavy hair!

How can I choose the right fumy wavy hair?

You all know that wavy hair is such a safe choice for almost everyone. However, a creative wavy hair can help you score more goals in people’s mind and luckily, fumi wavy hair as 8 inch weave wavy hair can help you. Fumi wavy hair is one of newest wavy hair styles that is popular to celebrites nowadays due to its seduction. The bundle is divided into some strands that wave downwards like a scroll mimicing the effect after using heated rollers to style your hair. Let’s see the video above for easier identification.

What do you need to notice before purchasing Vietnamese Single Drawn weft fumi wavy hair?

1. Is it single drawn or double drawn hair?

To get an insight into this bundle, it is in single drawn. If you are new commers,you need to take a notice of single drawn bundle. The density of this bundle is not the same resulting in easy blending to your own hair without detection under untrained eyes. Furthermore, because of uneven fiber length, the soft finish of single drawn hair makes many girls get swayed. Why? The soft finish gives an illusion when you glide your fingers into the bundle just like your own hair that thick from top and floating at the tip. If you are searching for a wavy hair and natural look, this bundle is for you.

2. Where does the hair come from?

Because of this hair styles, you need a hair with good quality can support you both sleek and volume. In order to provide a trustful information about Vietnam Single Drawn weft fumi wavy hair we should take a first look at the uniqueness of Vietnamese hair. Besides Brazilian, Malaysian, Chinese or Italian hair, Vietnamese hair assert its premium quality gradually. Vietnamese hair are very comfortable to customize hair styles, colors, volume and length due to strong yet soft fibers that have ability to suffer dying, or styling wicked well. Moreover, in terms of natural colors, dark brown and black are the most common and fit with almost skin tone but don’t worry, as said above, you can texturize it later with super minimal damage. Hence, the high-class quality of hair is fundamental base for a good hair extension.

3. Weft or bulk?

One more interesting that this bundle is a weft crocheted by machine. That means the weft human hair extensions has strong seam can suffer carelessness of new commers and can be divided into more smaller

pieces. These flexibilities allow you to design the size of weft being fit with your head – which is not available with hand-tided weft.

4. Is fumi wavy hair for you?

Last but not least, 18 inches fumi wavy hair must be in your cart now because this style is extremely trendy! The fumi wavy serve you a bouncy, voluminous and glamorous look but you can wear it every day, not only special occasions! This hair style’s suitable for almost makeup look. Moreover, the fumi wavy hair in 18 inches is the best length for all shapes of faces and skin tone, that’s why it is the best seller product of our company!

You have no reason to say no to this trendy remy hair! Just call us Whatsapp +84936164010 or fan page OSCAR HAIR to be consulted about Single Drawn weft fumi wavy hair now!


Single Drawn weft fumi wavy hair


Fumi wavy


 18 inches




 Vietnamese Human Hair

Place of Origin

Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

Payment method

Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer

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