Vietnamese Ponytail hair, Ombre Hair

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Are you wondering a hair extension to start a new day? Have you ever wondered which hair extension for these days? As my experience, when I feel difficult to find a hair extension, I will come back to something classic and ponytail hair is sparkling in my mind. It is not coincidence ponytail hair is believed the royal hair not only because of its convenience but also high fashion it brings. However, from time to time, ponytail hair has been coming through so many changes and today I want to introduce to you a brand-new product from Oscarhair: Ponytail Ombre Hair! This bundle is predicted to lead the hair trend for this summer by many beauty magazines and hair extension wholesalers, believe me, you cannot miss this bundle!

Vietnamese Ponytail hair

Talking about ponytail hair, the classic style could come in your mind with wavy or ocean wavy texture or with the soft bangs that brings the girly look for owners. This bundle is designed to fit with your dynamic lifestyle with less taking care and more modern and creative look. Let’s take a seat and find out what special things in this bundle are.


  • Convenience


Being designed in straight texture which is very favoured in professional and dynamic environment, there is less taking care you need. You need less combing, straightening and styling unlike other texture. Ponytail hair and straight texture should go with each other like a twin as ponytail could manifest the silkiness, shine and healthy look of straight hair without tangling it. That’s why ponytail hair is the symbol of confidence of all time, ponytail hair is the best way to show the natural beauty of each fiber hair.

  1. Natural beauty

For a long time ago, I used to believe that ponytail hair is definitely not for me because of my large jaws making my face bigger, I prefer other hair styles which can hide my imperfection under hair layers and ponytail hair cannot do it for me. However, one day I had to represent myself for an interview at luxury hotel and wearing ponytail hair is compulsory, I was really scared at that time but I had to wear ponytail hair. The interview was smooth and no one criticized my face shape and I thought that wow my face shape is not so bad! From that time my confidence was boosted and I believe in my natural colour beauty more. Moreover, the ponytail hair could support you in the natural movement of your body. You don’t need to worry whether your body movement could make your hair tangling because all of your hair fibers are under control.

As you can see, the bundle is designed with lace closure which could cover all of hair loss in your head. A good memory I want to share with you that one of our customer was suffering heavy hair loss and Vietnam wigs were like a joke for her, she cannot wear wigs all day and ponytail hair is compulsory in her office. This bundle helped her gain her confidence again, she said :”It’s like my hair.” I knew that someone could expect a hair extension which change their appearance totally and make them become another beautiful person but with that women, this bundle make her become herself.

Vietnamese Ponytail hair

  1. Creative beauty

That’s true to say that ponytail hair could support your natural beauty but with this Vietnam Ponytail Ombre Hair, you can get more than that. A creative outlook will be very nice for you to start a new day so why don’t you choose Ponytail ombre hair? The ombre hair is more popular with wavy or curly hair but actually from the first time, ombre hair works very well with straight hair because the straight hair could show the smooth colour transition most. Hence, if you want to “show off” ombre  look, straight hair could come to your mind first which could support the natural movement of colour best. Ponytail hair could be too classic for someone and you could find ponytail hair is boring at first time, but when is is combined with ombre hair colour, it becomes highly professional look. Thanks to Oscarhair’s hairstylist, we have the perfect ombre hair colour with the colour transition is blur, smooth and beautiful like rainbow.  Simple but creative – that’s the most I love of this bundle.

One tip for you to decorate your ponytail hair is adding shining or shimmering hair extension. Metallic hair band will be very suitable with this bundle, you should consider it. High ponytail hair is also good to boost your dynamic and confident look with this bundle.

Those above are some useful information about Ponytail Ombre Hair in 100% Vietnamese human hair, if you want more information, you can call us Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!




Vietnamese Ponytail hair, Ombre Hair


straight Hair


 6- 32  inches


#1 -> #613


 Vietnamese Human Hair

Place of Origin

Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

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Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer

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