Vietnamese Full Wig body water hair

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Is there any solution for appearance when you are under hair treatment? There are many of our customers coming to us and ask for solution because they are under hair breakage treatment, baldness treatment or just to hide the bad haircut, wigs are the ultimate weapon for you.With over 10 year-experience in hair industry, Oscarhair is always trying to launch the best product to turn on the shine of all women, and today a new wigs coming to this world: Full Wig body water hair! It is predicted to be a boom in hair industry this year, stay tuned, find out the best characteristics of this bundle and lead the trend with us!


  • Why Full Wig body water?

Vietnamese Full Wig


Have you ever gazed at water at night? It is quite romantic and cinematic scene but psychologically, calm water surface could reduce stress and depression a lot. Being inspired by the beauty of water, research and development department of Oscarhair has invented this texture: body water hair. Body water hair of Oscarhair is a unique texture that brings the comfortability and luxury look for the customers. Each wave is designed carefully and meticulously by the most skillful and creative hairstylists of ours, and inspired by the smoothness and voluptuousness of water. You can see the texture are so beautiful and unique, you cannot find the same one in any other providers, the waves are as smooth and sexy as body wavy but the strong curls at the end of this bundle add more creativeness and energetic look. Hence, if you are fed up with hundreds of wavy hair or curly hair, try body water hair and let others see the differences ! Believe us, this wig will turn on your inner charming and erase all the not-perfect point in your hair look because we had many tests on all skin tones, face shapes, body shapes before launching to the market.

Vietnamese Full Wig

Therefore, we decided to choose this new texture for wig hairstyle rather than other clip in or tape in, only when body water hair texture are represented in a full wig, the customer could see the full beauty of this new texture. Each hair strand blends to one another and creates the natural movement of all hair look, we wish you could touch our wig to see the perfect compatibility of this bundle. After hundreds of time reviewing hair extension, I myself are so proud of this product. Although the wigs material are the same as other wigs, this body water texture make me impressive. From my point of view, the most beautiful hair extension should be the most practical one which can be used everyday, every occasions,  not the most outstanding bundles, that’s why I am so keen on this wig.

Vietnamese Full Wig

Finally, the wigs hair extension are on trend now. You can see that a lot of hair color trend blog on this page are also “on trend” but you need to understand that in each hair product line there are only few products could be on trend and this bundle is projected to lead the trend in wig hair extension line. As you know, the wigs are excellent at covering the hair imperfection because all of your head is under a wig cap, there’s no chance for others see your real hair and hair extension will look like growing from your real scalp.

Vietnamese Full Wig

One more thing interesting at this bundle is the new modern material of the lace. You can see from those pictures above that the lace (which is like a net) from this version of wig, the lace are smoother and more silky to provide the best experience for users that doesn’t cause itchy or heavy to your real hair.

  1. Why is Vietnamese hair chosen to make this wig?

You can see on the market there are a lot of hair providers from China, Cambodia, Italy etc but we choose Vietnamese hair due to its advantages. First, Vietnamese hair has high class quality as the same as providers with soft, shining hair fibers, and minimal different in wig hair texture but Vietnamese hair is strong enough to suffer from chemical process so after purchasing, customers could dye and bleaching by themselves under proper process. Also because of high class quality, the longevity of hair product could last up to 3 to 3,5 years. Second, Oscarhair has the advantages of closing to wholesale hair source so we could gain the best deal from suppliers leading to the best price. This wig will worth each of your dollar.

Those above are some basic information about this wig, we hope it could be useful for all of you. If you need any more details or pose a question, just call Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!


Vietnamese Full Wig




Vietnamese Full Wig body water hair


body water Hair


 6- 32  inches


#1 -> #613


 Vietnamese Human Hair

Place of Origin

Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

Payment method

Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer

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Add: floor 4 No 259 , Tran Dang Ninh Str, Ward Dich Vong , Cau Giay  Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone: +84936164010


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