Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Straight Hair

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Curl, wave, or twist hair extension is for you? Driving into the right hair extension decision perhaps is the most torturing question for all girls. There’s a principle in fashion industry that when it develops to over complication, come back to the most basic thing. That principle is also true in hair industry. If you struggle in choosing the most suitable hair extension style, try straight hair. Straight hair is considered as the most classic hairstyle of human beings and also fit with any occasions, any makeup look, any outfit of the day. With some people, waiting for a straight hair to grow is the great impatience, or the biological hair isn’t in straight, a Double Weft Straight Hair from Oscarhair will be the great choice.

Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Straight Hair 20 inches

  • 20 inches – golden length for a double straight hair extension


One important thing I want to share with you now is the suitable length of a straight hair. Why is the length so important to a straight hair extension? First, because the most outstanding feature of straight hair is showing off the sleek and soft look so the length is important in sparkling the sheens, too short hair cannot serve that. Second, the too long hair may cause counter effect, a long straight hair cannot hide the tangle as well as curly hair, and many hair artists believe that too long straight hair can make your look shorter. Third, the longer hair extension is, the heavier it is, double long straight hair can be bulky for small faces. Don’t take Rapunzel into account, too long straight hair can prevent your real hair from growing indeed. A 20 inches double straight hair is quite in “golden length” for a perfect hair extension that is qualified for sheens but not be an obstacle for your real hair. Besides, 16’’, 18’’, 20’’,22’’ and 24’’ is other preferable length for everyone.

  1. Straight hair – the epitome of hair beauty

Yes, weft hair has its own seductiveness, mainly from mirror-like shine. From experience of many hair artists, straight hair is most preferable hairstyle for applying the extra shine serum. The straight surface reflects more light than others, so more sheens appear.

Moreover, hairstyles also reflect the personality of the users – that is considered as always-right adage in beauty industry, a straight hair with thick and even finish supports a professional look, reflects an organized lifestyle. A healthy, energetic look will be also supported by the thick finish. Therefore, in case of interview, job contract or any formal situation, let’s go for double straight hair now.

Furthermore, straight hair is preferable because it is very customizable. Braiding, ponytailing, and so on totally work with straight hair. Straight hair is also potential to make other hair style: wavy, curly , twist hair, all are in your hand.

  1. Straight hair from Oscarhair – your best choice

This bundle is made of 100% Vietnamese remy human hair so the durability of this bundle can last up to 2-3 years with proper preservation. With just 3 drops of hair conditioner, and 2 combing times per week and that’s enough for maintain the double straight hair extension for a long time. Hence, low maintenance is another reason for you to pick up this bundle to your cart now. Low maintenance help you save cost, save time, save effort to take care. It is undeniable that double straight hair is the most comfortable hairstyle in terms of maintenance.  Additionally, Oscarhair offers the variety of colours from any shade of brown, black, even blonde. Don’t worry about your skin tone, makeup outlook or any outfits, we offer hair colour cannot suitable more for you.

In brief, Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Straight Hair is your ultimate weapon when it comes to no idea of hair style. If you want more information, call us via Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR !


Double Drawn Weft Straight Hair


Weft Straight


 20  inches


 #1B, #4, #8, #12, #27


 Vietnamese Human Hair

Place of Origin

Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

Payment method

Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer

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