Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Fumi Wavy Hair

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What kind of hair extension do you wear today? It’s coming in mid-fall in the North of Vietnam and the weather is very comfortable like in marine west coast area that made me have an intention of moving to the South (more tropical) to enjoy the beach and sun! And the indispensable item in my suitcase was definitely a Double Weft Fumi Wavy Hair! Today I want to share with you my experience with this bundle! Let’s get started!

Oh, as usual, I want to introduce to you briefly about Double Drawn Weft Fumi Wavy Hair to make sure that if you want one, you can choose a right bundle! :laugh: The fumi wavy hair is one of the newest wavy texture of Oscarhair that’s so impressive to me. As you can see in the above photos, each bundle contains 4 strands with downwards coils mimicking the effect of hot scroll tool to style your hair, they look like spiral tunnels, someone even thinks they look like 4 Swiss roll. When you touch the bundle you can feel the tightness, thickness and the direction are in the same from top to tip (since it is double drawn bundle) and with this texture, and I can say that there’s less tangle than others. Moreover, when you apply this Vietnam Double Drawn Weft Fumi Wavy Hair, a natural scroll “S” shape wavy can be achieved – that is very artistic, and creative hair styles. Moreover, don’t forget that this bundle can be divided into some smaller pieces without raveling since it is in a weft.

Straight to my 2-day trip, before the trip to the littoral area in South of Vietnam, I put my clip ins (I sew the extension from this bundle into my head – which doesn’t cost me much time) carefully in a box and then place inside the suitcase in order to prevent the damages to it, bring along some hair conditioner, and just go!

Day 1: Swimming with Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Fumi Wavy Hair

In another entry, I challenged my hair extension in mountainous weather and with this, challenges are more difficult! In the first day, enjoyed the sea and island activities, I also swam in the pool of the all-inclusive hotel. Hence, the hair extension is challenged by salt and chlorine environment in my first day.

Before swimming , it is important for me to do some protective steps: check the extension again, precondition and wearing a swim cap because the salt and chlorine is unfriendly environment to hair. After swimming 1 hour, I resurfaced and relaxed my hair. Could you guess how would be my hair? It would be extremely tangling and the danger of wasting my hair is really high and perhaps I would say goodbye to my new hair extension. Surprisingly, when I checked my hair there was only little tangle between my real hair and the hair extension. Thanks to the strong seams of this weft bundle, I couldn’t recognize any hair loss. After washing and drying, all the texture, shining, voluptuous look came back! Even I could feel it was less damaged than my real hair!

Day 2: Sunbathing challenge

I sometimes don’t know why I am so rude to the Vietnam hair extension. In the second day, I sunbathed in a hammock under the coconut range. Precondition was all I did before sunbathing to my hair extension. Under the beautiful sunshine, each strand was shining, lustrous, twinkle and thanks to the fumi wavy texture, each scroll moves extremely beautiful in winds. Honestly, owing to this hair extensions, I got a lot of great pictures in my lifetime! After 30 minutes of sunbathing, I checked the hair and it was quite hot (caused by sunshine) but all the quality was stay the same! Even the hair condition was fully absorbed, each fiber was still very silky and soft, thanks to high quality of Vietnamese remy human hair.

All in all, my hair extension suffered some difficult challenges in my trip but it is truly worthy the best comment!


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Double Drawn Weft Fumi Wavy Hair


Fumi Wavy


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 Vietnamese Human Hair

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Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

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