Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Deep Curly Hair 18 inches

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In another entry we carefully study about Single drawn Weft Deep Curly hair with a lot of attractive characteristics. Today I want to do different thing, I want to tell you about my night party experience yesterday with this Double Weft Deep Curly Hair. Hopefully my experience can serve you practical information about this product.



Someone will ask me why I choose deep curly hair extension for a party instead of voluptuous wavy hair. Actually, renewing myself is my main motivation, I want to appear in that party with a new image. Moreover, I enjoy the party with my friends so I can comfortably show off my identity :laugh: without worrying to be judged. A deep curl hair lengthens to my hip with strong coils, perfect spiral and ombre colour is exactly what I need for a excited party. A deep curl will be easily confused with deep wavy due to quite same texture but remember that a deep curl will be along with a little fuzzy and strong coils when deep wavy is in silky “S” shape, either short or long “S”.


Straight to the point, this bundle is very suitable for party time. The biggest reason is it is a double drawn bundle. One tip for all girls: when party emergency, come to double drawn extension. Why? The Vietnam double drawn hair support the thick, voluminous look extremely well, additionally, the curly hair texture also support the floating, bouncy and these make a truly dominant look in a crowd. Even when touching, the fully thickness from top to tip of this bundle will impressive any hands.

More to the point, since it is made of 100% Vietnamese human remy hair, which is soft yet strong, it holds the texture very well. Thanks to Oscarhair for this premium product, I don’t have to spend about 6 hours in hair salon and still worry about the texture will loosen, with human hair extension, it took me just 20 minutes to make a hair including styling real hair, applying and correcting after all and get ready to the party.

Welll, many people in that party asked me about my hair extension and I think you also need to know. Let’s find out!

1. Does it bulky?

No. Though it is double drawn bundle in deep curly hair with voluminous look, it’s soft and floating. The feeling was so natural that sometimes I forgot I was wearing hair extension on my head. Even there were a  lot of activities in the party, I even did a salsa dance, hair extension weren’t be a hurdle. How to say, it was natural as I was born with long and deep curly hair!

  2. Is it reusable or customizable?

Definitely yes. After using, there’s some basic thing that I have to do to maintain its longevity because like a lot of curl hair in this world, deep curly hair extension should be taken care carefully. First, hair oil and hair conditioner are necessary to get rid of frizz and lightly recover any minimal damage. Second, a wide tooth comb is also need to comb the hair extension but we don’t need to do it frequently. Those are basic thing to take care of hair extension. This bundle can last up to more than 36 months with proper preservation. In long term, it is really money saving, time-saving and effort-saving.


As for customization, of course we can do. Because this is a weft bundle, you can comfortably divide it into smaller parts depending on your demand and to be suitable with your head.

3. Can be used for other occasion?

Another yes. I am in minimal lifestyle, so such kind of hair extension will be used for special occasion with glamour outfit and makeup. However, you can also use it in daily life, shopping, going to school, even travelling for example, to renew yourselves. If you have a biological straight hair like me, try this bundle now and enjoy the magic transformation.



4. Where to buy?

Last question everyone wanted to know about my hair extension is my provider. I bought it both from Whatsapp +84936164010 and  fanpage OSCAR HAIR. If you want one, contact them now!


Double Drawn Weft deep Curly Hair


Deep Curly


 18  inches




 Vietnamese Human Hair

Place of Origin

Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

Payment method

Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer

Ship by



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