Vietnamese Double Twist Curly Hair 20 inches

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In the latest post, I’ve introduced you brand-new product of Oscarhair wholesalehair: Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft kinky straight hair, today I want to show you more about another product also in twist product line: Vietnamese Double Deep Twist Curly Hair. Let’s get started!

From the first look, you and I perhaps get wrong in both types: Double Deep Twist Curly Hair and Double Twist wavy Hair because they are in twist texture, double drawn hair  bundle and both look like spirals or springs under your mattress. However, the biggest difference between them lies at the tip of each bundle. For this double deep twist curly bundle, the tips of each strand is very tight, you can see the coils are so adjacent that you think it’s like a block of hair rather than desultory coils. When you touch the tip of each strand you can feel how firm they are. Moreover, for strands in this bundle, they twist themselves so strongly, therefore, they tends to be more fuzzy than double deep wavy hair though the sheens here are still very shining. In contrast, the deep wavy bundle has looser coils with more silky appearance. These differences are worthy of being noticing since just a small difference in hairstyles can make a big change in our appearance, you know.

Before going to discover some benefits of this bundle, I want to share with you one important thing, you need to style your hair in pretty same texture with this bundle, I mean you need twist your hair first and then apply the hair extension. That makes you achieve the most natural look.

The very first advantage of deep twist bundle is its texture itself. It is confidently to say that this texture holds the coil best so even you wash many times, the coil stays the same. From my experience, just air dry or blow dry and 3 drops of hair oil are enough for a perfect twist curly hair. Furthermore, a twist hair is very interesting to get started in the morning. New hair, new day! Just because this texture is brand new, it has great attraction to other eyes. As for a girl with thin and short hair like me, my weakness become strong point since it can be hidden well under twist hair which offers a very thick, voluminous and creative look. When I want to change my hair creatively, I come to curly hair and this one can’t be missed. If you also want spice up your look now, come to twist curl now.

Like many hair extensions of Oscarhair, this bundle is made of 100% Vietnamese remy human hair, the longevity of this shouldn’t be in your worry. It’s life expectancy lasting upto 2- 3 years with proper preservation. Also because being made of human hair, this bundle allows users’ to apply heat hair tools without damage. In long term, this bundle is much more money-saving than synthetic one. Due to the holding coils so well, it’s also time-saving and effort-saving a lot. Moreover, I want to tell you an essential characteristic of it, the shine of fibers is natural as your real hair, which play an important role in natural look. The difference in shine of hair is the most detectable from distance (especially for synthetic hair) so a human hair extension must be your best choice.

Another important characteristic of this bundle is being crocheted in a weft. Weft hair allows users’ to cut into different parts to adapt to the variety of hair extension demand, to make clip ins, or directly stick to users’ hair. Don’t worry, the seam made by machine is very strong and say no to shedding or ravelling.

One last thing I want to tell you today is you need a wide tooth comb to make sure no tangle left in this hair extension bundle. You shouldn’t comb many times in order to protect the coils from deformation but a wide tooth comb is suitable in about 2 or 3 times per week.

Lastly, how can you have hesitation in purchasing this Vietnam Double Twist wavy Hair bundle? Call us now through Whatsapp +84936164010 or fan page OSCAR HAIR


Double Deep Twist Curly Hair


Deep Twist Curly


 20  inches


 #1B, #4, #8, #12, #27


 Vietnamese Human Hair

Place of Origin

Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

Payment method

Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer

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