Vietnamese Single drawn weft straight hair

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Hello guys! Thank you for staying with us today! How do you start your day, beauty junkies? Choosing a lipstick, creating new makeup look or just rushing to office? Well, to me, I need a spin to choose what kind of hair extension for each day! Just kidding. Today I want to share with you a never-out-of-date hair extension style: weft straight hair.

Straight hair, as the name says, it’s straight! A straight hair is a desirable base for every hair stylist to cut, or style in any ways. But what contributes to the never-out-of-date value of straight hair is more than that.

Straight to the point, the versatility is the biggest plus point of straight hair because it can be used in every situation.

1. In the office, or anywhere need a professional look

Yes, if you have an interview, go for straight hair! If you are going to negotiate a contract with partners, must straight hair! The basic reason is straight hair reminds everyone of a tidy, organized person and trustful for the professional job. It is really a stereotype but in fact, almost everyone believes that. Moreover, you cannot deny that there’s some stereotype stick to some hairstyles. For example, deep curly hair extensions reminds of a black girl, chic styles, playful person or wavy hair often represents for someone classic sexy, exquisite, not interested in sport. However, straight hair doesn’t work in that way, when people want a professional look, straight hair will be the first choice.

weft straight-hair-1

2. In a party, prom or special occasion

No, it isn’t a crazy idea. Everyone goes for wavy or weft hair extensions for special occasions but let’s think twice. What are the most popular hairstyles for the runway? Straight hair. Just because it supports professional look, it also serves the high-end fashion. The simpler you are, the more modern you are. Because straight hair is so simple, just a highlight strand or braiding strand can make your hair become so special! If you don’t have any hair idea for your upcoming special occasion, come back to classic one: straight hair.

Moreover, this straight hair extension is made from 100% human hair and up to 24 inches, it turns on your sleeky and healthy look immediately! Someone says that straight hair cannot bring voluminous as well as curly one. It’s true. But you know, the volume of hair is not the only way to shine.

3. Travel

I know, there are many people opposing this idea but once again, think twice. When you travel, the convenience should be on top of your priority list because you have to be movable. Arranging a straight hair extension in your suitcase must be much easier than wavy or curly hair, you don’t need to worry about your luggage will deform your hair extension. Moreover, when travelling, you cannot bring so many hair care product, and preservation of straight hair is very simple with a comb and hair conditioner. It is also the biggest competitive advantage of straight hair! This 24 inches bundle is in very suitable length that serves you fully healthy look but moves naturally due to soft finish of single drawn hair. Let’s imagine a high-end photo shoot of travel with you and your healthy hair in like on magazines It’s worthy to try!

All in all, if you are going to a hair extension that versatile, can be used for any occasion to save money, Vietnamese Single drawn weft straight hair is for you! If you want one, just call Whatsapp +84936164010 or fan page OSCAR HAIR


Single drawn weft straight hair


 Weft Straight


 6-32 inches as 8 inch weave hair ; 16 inch weave hair ; 20 inch hair weave … 


#1B, #4, #8, #12, #27


 Vietnamese Human Hair

Place of Origin

Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

Payment method

Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer

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