Remove Tape Hair Extensions

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urrently using tape hair extensions has become a hot trend because they are fast to apply. It’s even easier to remove, however not all types of tape extensions can easily be eliminated! So strong tape adhesive causes that after a long time wearing your hair gets damaged when you try to pull the tape out. There are some bad quality types of tape remover that leave the adhesive still sticks on your natural hair. Therefore, the point is to select the most effective tape remover for your hair . Let’s take a look to LV103 Remover!

Remove Tape Hair Extensions

Mineral spirits, the main ingredient of LV103 Remover, are a type of solvent typically used for removing grease without affecting quality of other materials. Its ability of dissolving glue or keratin can gently clear all the residues from your hair. Don’t worry about the safety of this remover because mineral spirits have high melting temperature which reduces the risk of fire and skin irritation is also declined.

Besides, orange oil is an addition to LV103 Remover that can bring pleasant feeling to customers. Limonene in orange oil possibly disinfect, deodorize and surface clean that increases the effectiveness of tape remover. Therefore, this tape remover efficiently removes hair system cleaners and alleviate the damage caused by adhesive or tape to hair system, enabling convenient removal of adhesive from skin.

So, how to use this amazing product? Very easy! Just follow these steps and you will get perfect clean hair from tape extensions:

Step 1: Pour or spray the hair system

Step 2: Soak for 5 – 10 minutes

Step 3: Peel off the tapes, remove and erase.

30ml of tape remover in a small bottle so it’s very easy to take away with you in a trip and also very economical that you can replace it at any time it runs out!

Come and take this great remover and make it one of the dispensable items in your make-up bag!


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