Frontal Curly Hair Black Color 1B

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As for the newcomers, frontal and closure could be make you confusing but actually they are different in appearance, function that you need to know. This post is going to tell you one of our best product of this quarter: Frontal Curly Hair Black! Stay tuned, and find out what makes this bundle become so hot?

Before going into this special frontal, we need to know some differences between frontal and closure first. In the latest post, we talked about closure hair extension and today, we can do some compare with its “relative” – frontal hair extension.

  • Size

Size manages. The biggest difference between frontal and closure is the size of them. Frontal, like this bundle, is a half wig which lasts from ear to ear and often has a lace around 13*4 inch. Instead, closure is smaller, could be 4,5*5 for example.

  • Usage

Both of them are used to thicken or lengthen your hair look. One humorous thing that frontal couldn’t be used in front (haha!), it could be only used at the back of your head or in combination with other hair extension. Closure will be often used in the front of your head, that’s why you can part the closure but part the frontal for nothing. Closures are installed in the “horseshoe” area of the head to close of the style, hence the name closure.

  • Materials

All of frontal and closure of Wholesale hair Oscarhair is made of 100% Vietnamese human remy hair and both are crocheted in the lace. There are lace and silk to make the base for frontal and lace closure but lace is far more common due to its convenience, low cost, and longevity.

Those above are some information about frontal and closure. Let’s jump into the main part of the discussion today – the special things of Frontal Curly Hair Black Color 1B!!!


  • 100% Vietnamese human remy hair


The lace frontals hair are always in high demand of black women community, Peruvian hair could be famous for a long time but Vietnamese human hair now could be the perfect substitute due to its advantages. In this bundle we only use the high quality Vietnamese human remy hair with the perfect black shade – shining, healthy and strong! All the hair fibers were collected and classified carefully without any heat resistant or animal hair fur so you don’t need to worry about the hair quality! In order to make this frontal, our hair stylists paid close attention to the similarity of hair texture and hair colour. The hair colour is the perfect black without any dark brown or ash grey mixed in this bundle and the frontal is 100% curly hair to easy to blend in customers’ natural hair. Thanks to the modern hair production, the curly texture is designed with standard curls and would fit your natural hair with ease.

  1. Natural look with hairline

Along with closure, frontal could also support you the natural look. With the high quality lace which is in the same colour with human scalp, the hair looks like growing from your scalp naturally even when you touch the lace after installing, you are difficult to tell the differences between your hair and the frontal. In comparison to closure or other hair extension, frontal mimics the hairline better than any types else. Therefore, if you want to find a hair extension that to show off a creative and beautiful hair line, you should go for frontal now!

Moreover, the frontal is from ear to ear so it is hidden behind other hair layers

  1. Save your time, money and effort.

There are so many hair extension types for you to lengthen your natural hair and volume them up, but frontal is in my top list now because it doesn’t not take 3 to 4 hours to finish like other hair extension, you just need 1 or ½ hour to complete the style. Moreover, we have frontal in different hair texture so you just choose your wishing texture and forget all the styling tools – which costs you the most – time, money for maintenance tool and your hair damage, even electricity bills !

If you prefer doing hair extension at home, frontal could save your effort too! You even don’t need mirror to do frontal because it is very easy to install. Just sticking the lace from one ear to another and adding some foundation to cover the seal and you’ve done with it. The technique to install frontal is similar to install wigs but it is faster so much.

  1. Curly hair black is for you !

I used to think that curly black hair is just for black women hair but after working with hair stylists, I think I am wrong because yellow persons and white woman could wear frontal very beautifully! Curly black hair is suitable if you are searching for a healthy and a little but “rebel” look, this bundle must be in your cart now! This curly hair black could be used for any complexion and embrace your beauty!

If you want more information about how to find a hair company, please contact Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!




Frontal Curly Hair 


Curly Hair 


 6- 32  inches




 Vietnamese Human Hair

Place of Origin

Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

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Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer

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