Coloring hair

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To dye or not to dye? That is the question. However, this dilemma today has the answer already. You don’t have to dye your hair any more because we have human hair extension which is dyed in the variety of colour that will satisfy your demand definitely. Changing the hair colour is no more a worry of hair damage because we have human colouring hair extension which can blend to your hair very well but do no harm to your real hair. Welcome to the colour wheel of Oscarhair!

Coloring hair


  • What is the most special things colouring human hair in Oscarhair?


The variety of colour. In Oscarhair, we deeply understand that the colour of hair is one of the most important part of hair extension so we are always trying to introduce to you new hair colour everyday. As you can see from the pic, the colour wheel is rolling from the lightest hair in blonde shade to the darkest shade which is pure black hair. Those colour shade is coded with numbers and letters because we never have enough words to describe and distinguish all the colours. Therefore, we should call the name of color by the code. Besides those colours in the wheel, we also have some “rare” colours with very interesting effect like ginger, red hair, piano hair, ombre hair, etc that you can see more on our website. Because our hair is made from 100% of Vietnamese human hair which is naturally color black, most of those are colouring hair. 

Why do we have to product such a lot of hair colours? We know that our customers have very different expectation in human hair extension, especially in colour and texture of hair, so the more we customize our products, the more attractive to the customer our products are and show our attitude of a double weft human hair extensions company born to serve the beauty of human. Moreover, our customers come from many communities with different skin tone and complexion, the colour of hair extension need to be varied to be fit with. 

Long lasting colouring hair. With special dying human hair technique, the colour molecule go deeply into hair shaft and once the cuticle layers close, the colour is kept totally and very difficult to be faded. According to our research on our customers, if you wear our hair extension everyday around 16 hours per day, the colour will be in perfect condition for at least 1.5 years. After 1.5 years, the colour starts fading gradually but don’t worry, it could be more beautiful at that time. For example, for ginger colour, when it is faded, it becomes rosy gold color and it could be very beautiful for someone. Our specail dying hair technique doesn’t cause hair dryness or hair breakage, when you touch our colouring hair extension, you will find it difficult to tell the differences between colouring hair of hair suppliers with virgin remy hair. That’s one of the good characteristics of Vietnamese hair that the hair fibers are strong yet soft so they can maintain the silkiness and thickness after chemical process. 

  1. How to maintain colouring human hair extension?

Talking about the human hair extension, the hair care process and products are quite the same with your natural hair. However, you need to remember that human hair extension is “dead” hair which means it is not nourished by scalp any more, therefore, the first notice I want you to pay attention to is :

Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Sodium laureth sulfate or sodium laureth ether sulfate, is the common ingredient to create foaming effect in shampoo but it is the main cause of hair dryness because the sulfate will take out the natural sebum on the hair fibers and the colours as well. Thus, the first and foremost thing you should do is using mild shampoo (don’t worry about the foaming because less foaming doesn’t mean less clean) and deep conditioner as well. Because weft human hair extension cannot be nourished by scalp, you have to add more conditioner to it to ensure the silkiness and floating. The recommend hair conditioner is L’oreal with variety of options. 

Avoid high temperature. The temperature is from the water you use to wash the hair, and your hair dryer. It is highly recommend for you to use luke warm water to wash the hair such as 28 inch hair weave and use medium temperature to dry your hair. The hot water could make the coloured hair faded more, and the high temperature could make your Vietnam haircut dry and broken. 

Those above are some information about Vietnamese Coloring hair, we hope that it is useful for you. When you choose the coloured hair extension, it is advisable for you to contact our service for suitable consult, feel free to contact us through Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR! 



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