Frontal (13×4) Straight Hair Light Brown Color

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Not too dark, not too light, it’s just right. 

It is the most suitable description for the next hair colour you have to try now- the light brown hair colour. It is the trendy color for 3 months in our lists and today we will introduce to you the best seller product of light brown hair colour: Frontal (13×4) Straight Hair Light Brown. The frontal couldn’t be as  popular as closure but this frontal is very favoured by the North American market. Do you know why? This discussion today will reveal the attraction of this bundle in a nutshell. 


Some researches said that light brown hair colour is not the natural colour of human due to its scarcity in human being but actually there are some famous people has the natural light brown hair. We haven’t known when the fever of light brown hair colour began but obviously, the light brown hair is very trendy nowadays. Across many hair salons, we can see a lot of light brown hair models with confidence and in high fashion aura. That’s so addictive to go with the trend, black hair is intimidated by the light brown hair nowadays. For this summer, light brown hair become a fever for some reasons:


  • Being suitable with most of undertone


Have you ever heard of balayage? This hair shade is very special, it could be fell into both cool-toned or warm-toned so if you have cool or warm undertone, you could use this frontal. I mean here is undertone of your skin, not complexion. That’s why some black, or tanned women could wear light brown hair without being a freak because of her undertone matches the hair extension colour. 

  1. Too many light brown tone for you to choose!

Don’t worry that you cannot differentiate yourselves with light brown colour. In the light brown colour, we have balayage colour, golden light brown and natural light brown, milk chocolate or ash light brown, sandy brown, copper brown, or caramel. In our colour lists, we differentiate them with code and number, because there are not enough words to describe all the shade! However, the common characteristics of light brown hair is revealed when it appears under sunshine! The hair bundle is lightening! Each of the sunlight come through the hair and make it shine, and uplift the complexion so much beautifully! The hair bundle brings to owners a marvelous effect under sunshine, that’s why so many customers want this bundle!

I want to say big thanks to RnD department who is very creative and talented to mix all of this pretty hair shade colour! 

  1. Frontal is in so many advantages for you!

Frontal is a special hair extension that extend from one ear to other. If the wigs are too much for your head, closure is too small, you should consider frontal hair. Talking about the frontal, frontal has another “relative” which is closure but frontal has its own advantage couldn’t be replaced.

  • You can part anywhere you want. In comparison to closure which only have middle part, twin part and three section part, you can part your hair in anywhere with frontal the parting space is base on what size of frontal you choose. For a person who always parts the hair freely like me, frontal is my best choice.
  • Cutting down installation time. Installing hair extension normally cost you 2 to 4 hours to complete hair style but with frontal, you only need 1 or half an hour to finish. Hence, if hectic lifestyle seems to stop you from enjoy the hair beauty, frontal will be your fastest solution. 
  • Perfectly mimics natural hair line. The most smarting concern of women when they wear hair extension is the fear of being detected. Many wigs or hair installation could leave you with embarrassment just because it cannot mimic the hairline. Frontal could blend very well with your natural hair line and even create new hair line without detection fear. When you look into the frontal after installing, you will feel like the hair growing from your natural scalp.
  • Affordability. The most concern of customer when they come to purchase hair extension is affordability. In Oscarhair – wholesale hair we provide the real reasonable price, which means the price goes along with quality, we don’t follow low price strategy to cut down the quality because we believe that in order to provide the true beauty, there could be no dishonesty in quality. Securing the long term benefit from customer couldn’t be in 1 time and never turn back, we need the trust from customers.

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Closure (13×4) Straight Hair Light Brown Color



Double Drawn Weft Loose Curly Hair


Loose Curly


 6- 32  inches




 Vietnamese Human Hair

Place of Origin

Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

Payment method

Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer

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