Clip In Wavy Hair Light Brown Color

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Are you looking for new hair extension types for this summer? Do you want a cool hair extension for your special day? Today Oscarhair will introduce to you a brand new hair product : Clip In Body Wavy Hair Light Brown ! Tada ! Since it was released, this bundle has always been in top sellers of Oscarhair and received 87% of comments and feedback are positive. It is so amazing for all of us! Let’s discover the hotness of this bundle with us!



  • Clip in is perfect for summer


The hotness of this bundle could be in the same trend with clip ins. Overall, when summer is coming, clip in and tape in are the best seller products because they are light weight, invisible and easy installation. Talking about light weight, some people may assume that clip in hair extensions are too heavy for normal to thin hair because of metal clips but it’s not true anymore; with modern design of clips in from Oscarhair, we can make sure that the clips are strong enough to hold your hair and thin enough to bring the smoothness and softness to overall hair look. Clip in hair extension from Oscarhair even could be used by thin hair owners without hair breakage. It is not highly recommended for thin hair owners who want to sleep over with clip in but amazingly, there are some of our customers said that they once time sleep with Oscarhair clip in hair extension but they cannot feel any convenience! However, in order to maintain the longevity of clip in, you shouldn’t sleep with it because you may change the gesture during sleep and may cause deformation for clip ins. Moreover, clip ins from Oscarhair are invisible. Let’s forget the prejudice that clips in are bulky and can be seen from outside! With our modern hair extension technology and smart design, clips are small, in 1 side and easy to blend in your natural hair, you can easily cover our clip in hair extension under your thin hair layers. Last but not least, clip ins are easy installation. It is not too much to say that clip in are the easiest hair extensions nowadays. Just clip, clip , and clip and you are done with hair extension!

  1. Light brown body wavy is a hot trend now!

Summer is for everything simple , creative and energetic and this bundle is for you! Say goodbye to some vivid colour for cold winter like wooden red, lilac and so on, for the summer you just need light brown! Light brown is not too classic like black or dark brown which couldn’t turn on your charming under sunshine, and not too bright causing uncomfortability for other people under sunshine, light brown is the perfect colour for this summer! One interesting thing that I want to share with you right now is that light brown colour is very photogenic. If you want stunning pics on Instagram, choosing light brown now because light brown could be photogenic under any filters. If your filter are cool, you look perfectly cool in your pics, if your filter are tranquil or hot, you are so hot in your pics! There are no mistake in colour balance with light brown hair extension! Hence, if you find yourselves are not stunning enough or want to boost up your appearance, try light brown colour hair!

As for the body wavy, think about summer, a lot of people may say oh just go straight to straight hair but no, you can go further with body wavy hair. Body wavy hair is the texture that the wave exists in only the body of hair fibers with the direction of the waves are from inside to outside. Body wavy hair is also well adapted to summer weather since the waves are quite looser than curly or deep wavy so you don’t need to bring curling tool 24 hours along. You can think of beach and pool, when you wear straight hair, it just lay flat on your head and there are no special effect but body wavy can make the big difference! According to our research, 73% of men express the affection for girl or woman with wet wavy hair rather than straight hair because they think it is more sexy !

Body wavy with light brown are the perfect match! The texture will show fully the shine and the silkyness of  Vietnamese hair fibers and also make the light brown colour more vivid and more attractive than other texture!

Those above are some basic information about Clip In Body Wavy Hair, please comment and feedback below this post for us to serve you better! Or if you want more details and more pieces of advice, please contact Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!




Clip In Wavy Hair Light Brown Color


Wavy Hair


 6 – 32 inches




 Vietnamese Human Hair

Place of Origin

Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

Payment method

Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer

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