Clip In Curly Hair Extensions Black Color

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Have you ever cut or straightened your hair because you have an interview that you cannot seem too “crazy” or wild-minded? That’s unfair for curly hair owners! There’s a mindset that curly hair owners creates insane brainwave and cannot be trusted. However, it is not deniable that curly hair is very attractive and not so many women can resist the beauty of curly hair. In that case, curly hair extension will be your ultimate weapon. Today we are going to introduce to you our brand new product : Clip In Curly Hair ! If you are going to change your hair look, go for this bundle now!


  • Curly hair for summer, why not?

Some say that summer should go with straight hair or body wavy hair because summer is so sweaty and energetic and curly hair should be straightened. In fact, there is a trend that white and yellow girls wearing curly hair in summer because it brings a funky and energetic look much more effectively than straight and wavy hair. Let’s imagine that a thick and floating curly hair under sunshine! That’s new beauty! If you have a problem with your face shape, curly hair could change it effectively. One of our customer say that she has a square face and meet difficulties in make up, after wearing curly hair extension, her face looks more round because the not-beautiful corner on her face is hidden behind the curly hair layers.  Not only beauty, curly hair is also easy to maintain. Instead that you have to wear 3 to 5 hair care products with you on summer vacation, with curly hair you don’t need many. Curly hair doesn’t require styling almost everyday like wavy hair or need to hair conditioner often like straight hair, curly hair need something dry and floating. My friends who have deep curly hair extension are in love with blow drying as just blow drying could save their hair look! Moreover, for someone having thin hair, curly hair extension is the best choice for this summer to upgrade appearance, you don’t need to worry your hair will lay flat on your head because of sweat and let you down anymore, you have curly hair extension here! Curly hair extension will spice our hair up definitely.

  1. Why black colour?

Because our hair extension are made of 100% Vietnamese human remy hair, the natural colour of Vietnamese hair is black and if you see the black colour in our products which means it is under less chemical process than others because it is the natural colour of Vietnamese hair, we don’t need to bleach or dye it again. However, black colour has been favorable colour of many beauty junkies around the world due to its beauty. Black colour, because it is the natural colour of human hair, it raises the feelings of healthy hair and supports the sleek look very well. Who the hell could say bad about a black, strong and lustrous hair? Some say that black colour are old fashioned and boring but when it is in curly texture, the bundle becomes interesting thing. Black curly hair is the most efficient hair extension in honoring the skin tone and the white of your teeth, that’s true. Many researches show that people with black hair could be seen with illusion that their teeth are whiter and having a perfect skin tone than normal. If you have no idea what type of hair extension is for your skin tone, just go for Clip In Curly Hair Black Color now!

  1. Clip in is for this summer, of course!

Besides the low maintenance needed, this bundle is a clip in hair extension which is very suitable for summer. First, clip in is easy to use. It is not necessary to go to hair salon to wear a clip in, you don’t need a mirror too! Clip in are very easy to use after watching a tutorial video or just find it out by yourselves. In average, you just need 10 minutes at most to complete a full head with clip in. Clip, clip and clip and you have your new hair look with curly black hair extension! Curly hair is floating and funky and that’s not easy to control by fingers of newcomers, so choosing a clip in curly hair is the best choice for you if you are not so experienced in hair industry. From my experience, I see that clip in is the easiest way to apply curly hair on my head, easier even than tape in or wigs. Second, clip in is lightweight. With the new modern design of hair extension, you don’t need to worry about its harmness to your real hair, new design minimize the hair breakage to your hair so much!

If you want more information about this bundle, just call Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!




Clip In Curly Hair Extensions Black Color


Curly Hair


 6 – 32 inches




 Vietnamese Human Hair

Place of Origin

Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

Payment method

Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer

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