#84 color Vietnamese Straight Flat Tip Hair Extensions

  • 100% virgin human hair. No chemical, no colored, no dyed
  • Soft, shine, straight
  • Unprocessed, without nits, No lice, insect…
  • No short hair inside
  • Lengths of hair: from 10 inches up to 40 inches.
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If you are a big fan of hair extension, you already know about I tip hair extension – one of the most classic hair extension and have been favourable for a decade. Today we are going to introduce to you a sister of I tip hair extension which is Straight Flat Tip Hair Extensions with some new advantages and conveniences. Now, stay focused and find out the great things of this product with us!


  • Why is your hair the most important part of your look?


Before going to the bonus points of Flat Tip Hair Extensions, we should go from the importance  of hair to your look. Besides cosmetics and fashion industry that have been long lasting history of development, hair industry have just developed recently but boomed very fast. There are many researches about the beauty of woman and most of them agree that a woman’s hair is the first most noticeable part of her beauty. The reasons are variable but there are some main reasons for that. First, double drawn hair enhances the beauty. Recently, the effect of hair to beauty of women are officially agreed, hair could affect the the shape of women’s face, even the shape of the body (for example, short hair could provide the feelings of better height). Second, the hair style reflects the personality of wearers. Psychologically, people often make judgement on others by their appearance. An untidied hair could be judged as unprofessional or careless man, or a bad hairstyle could make you come off as low-esteem or lazy person. Third, a good hairstyle could complement to your clothes. A simple dress could be gently and elegant when it is with glamorous hairstyle or a beautiful body dress could be destroyed by too long hair. Those are 3 main reasons why you should take care your hair styles.

However, there are many customers coming to us and complain that they cannot have enough time to take care of their hair and hair extension is the new solution for them. For the newcomers who are very price sensitive and quality sensitive, we often recommend them for i tip hair extension or flat tip hair extension. Straight Flat Tip is one of the most favourable tip hair extension due to its benefits.

  1. Straight flat tips are always in best price

Unlike virgin hair from one girl, straight flat tip hair could be from many women and after choosing the best hair strands, we come up with this bundle. The availability of hair sources make the producing cost reduce and make the end price reduce in comparison to other types of hair extension. However, the quality of flat tip hair extension from Oscarhair is always the best thanks to the skillful hairstylists and workers who always work with great motivation which is to bring the best product to the customers. We always believe that the great quality is the best strategy to differentiate our products on the market, so we try our best in each hair bundle to provide the best experience to the customers. Moreover, because it is made of 100% of Vietnamese hair, the shine and the thickness of fibers are in the perfect condition. Vietnamese hair has been favourable by millions of hair salons over the world for a decade due to the high-class quality, best price and great availability. Being based on the closeness to hair source, Oscarhair is the leading company in hair industry in Vietnam who provide the best price because we can gain the best deal from the suppliers.

  1. Straight flat tips hair from Oscarhair is never outdated

As mentioned, straight hair is never outdated hairstyle, so if you are in favour of straight hair, you can try the straight flat tip hair extension to thicken your hair, fix accidentally bad hair style or just lengthen your straight natural hair. Thanks to the advantages of Vienamese hair, this bundle could blend very well with your straight natural colour hair and cannot be easily detected by untrained eyes. If you want to build an image of tidy and professional person but don’t want to wear a wig or clip in hair extension (that could be too much for someone!) , you can adjust the thickness of hair extension with ease by straight flat tips.

  1. Straight flat tip hair extension is easy to install

The way this bundle will be installed on your head is quite similar to I tip hair installation. However, the advance of flat tip hair extension is the flat tip which is transparent and flat, this kind of hair extension will lay flat on your hairline make the hair extension be invisible on your head.

Those above are some basic information about #84 color Vietnamese Straight Flat Tip Hair Extensions hope it useful for you. If you want to pose any questions or need some advice, just call Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!


Straight Tape Hair Extension


Tape Hair


 20 inches




 Vietnamese Human Hair

Place of Origin

Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

Payment method

Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer

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