Vietnamese Single Drawn Weft deep wavy Hair

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We all have some kind of hair, but between straight and curl, that’s real struggle. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages that straight hair cannot support voluminous look, curly hair cannot support the sleeky look. However, there’re not only black and white in the world, nowadays, we all have choices in between. Single Drawn weft deep wavy is one of in-between hair you can try now!

How can you identify deep wavy hair?

Deep wavy often makes you go wrong with curly hair extensions. You need to know that wavy hair is with hair deformation in zig zag shape, and while hair deformation is in round or haft round shape, it is curly hair. Moreover, this deep wavy hair means the zig zag deformation is the tightest in wavy hair styles.

24inches Vietnamese Single Drawn Weft deep wavy Hair


Why should you shop Vietnam Single Drawn Weft deep wavy Hair now ?

1. Vietnamese hair is for you

Why Vietnamese hair? Among hundreds of suppliers from Brazil, Malaysian, China, Italia, and so on, we highly recommend Vietnamese remy hair extensions for some reasons. First, our hair was collected carefully from all Vietnamese girl nationwide to sort out the best to bring to you this bundle made of 100% Vietnamese human remy hair. Our hair deprives all your hesitation from shopping with strong yet soft fibers, intact cuticle, silky and shining appearance.


2. Natural look

Moreover, you need to take a notice of the fact that this bundle is in single drawn. That makes the bundle be thick at the top and tapers off towards the end. This uneven density serve you natural look best. Also because of soft finish, the feelings of gliding your fingers into hair just like your real hair. The first and formost demand of hair extension is always be natural look and unvisible, and single drawn hair serves your natural beauty best. YOUR HAIR BUT BETTER- now in your hands!



3. Strength

Besides, it is unforgetable that this bundle is crocheted in a weft. All of our weft products are crocheted by machine that means it allows you to cut the weft into smaller pieces to fit with your head. Thanks to being sewn by machine, the weft are sturdy and strong that support the carelessnes of newbies, so if you are new commers, try this bundle first.

4. Golden length and best hair styles

Last but not least, why are you the best to choose 24 inches deep wavy bundle? If straight hair makes you get bored, or deep curly hair worries you about tangling, frizz, the deep wavy hair ensures both voluminous look and sleeky appearance! One important thing we want to whisper to your only ears is all of wavy hair absorbs haircare products best! It is not too much that human hair hold this style most firmly among many hair styles. You can wash, comb with littel conditioning and the waves will stay with you in long, long time. Additionally, 24 inches hair bundle works best for all girls, something like “golden length” to serve luxurious, glamorous, and shining look! 24 inches hair in deep wavy also means there’s more hair than 24’’ straight hair, so you have another reason to put your worry about thickness of bundle aside.


There’re not enough words to describe experience of this product, because of the various experience of you! To experience Vietnamese Single Drawn Weft deep wavy Hair on your own, just call us through Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR


Single Drawn Weft deep wavy Hair


Deep wavy


 6 – 32 inches as 8 inch weave wavy hair20 inch weave wavy hair24 inch weave wavy hair


 #4, #12


 Vietnamese Human Hair

Place of Origin

Oscar Hair – Hair suppliers


100 grams/ 1 bundle

Payment method

Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer

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