Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft kindky straight hair

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Good morning guys! Everyone has their own inspirers and what about you? Recently, I have been really impressive with a Sudan-origin girl, Nyakim Gatwech – the black diamond of fashion industry with the blackest skin in the world, her courage to overcome the prejudices has inspired me a lot. Do you know her? She was in Minnesota! Everyone tends to be impressive with her black skin but I get swayed by her hair. It can be said that it’s the most beautiful hair style for black women I’ve seen! It’s such a beautiful and alluring hair indeed.

Well, of course , we are not as black as Nyakim Gatwech but the dark skin tone picked a trouble with us at least 1 time in our lives, it can be how to choose the write lipstick colour, foundation tone, clothes colour and now, hair extension styles. However, there’s a hair extension styles for all of black girls: Weft kinky straight hair.

Thanks to biological factors, kinky straight hair is the most natural common hair styles of black or dark skin tone women so choosing this bundle is the safest choice of you guys. Kinky straight hair is not only the natural hair styles of black women, it can be conceived as the blow-dried hair texture, less fuzzy than deep curly hair but not sleek as wavy or straight hair. If you take a closer look at the picture above, you can see the tiny ripples of each fibers which make the bundle soft and thick. So, what should you know about this Double Drawn Weft kinky straight hair bundle? Let’s stay with us and find out.

Today I just want to point out some outstanding feature of this bundle, Oscarhair also offers Vietnamese single drawn weft kinky straight hair, if you want to compare, check it also.

1. High-quality

The Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft kinky straight hair from Oscarhair is ensured in premium quality. This bundle is made of 100% of Vietnamese remy human hair, collected and sorted out carefully from Vietnamese women that means the degradation of hair is minimal, intact cuticle so you don’t worry about tangling, shedding. This bundle is a sharp proof that fuzzy look doesn’t mean tangling. It even allows you to glide your fingers into the bundle with ease!

Moreover, it is double drawn hair bundle. In comparison to single drawn hair bundle, this one contains more hair and support the voluminous look better due to the even density of the bundle, all the fibers are in the same length. One more plus point is that this bundle is crocheted firmly by machine, it has ability to be cut into smaller pieces to adapt to your demand of making clip ins or full wig, for example.

2. Low maintenance

The biggest advantage of this hair styles is low maintenance. You can sleep well with this hair extension without worrying about deformation or damage. Besides, a wide tooth comb is necessary to take care of this hair extension bundle out of tangling, and some drops of hair conditioner should be added to maintain the voluptuous look and ensure the longevity of hair extension. In terms of washing this bundle, you only need to wash it 1 time per week on average. After that, air dry or blow dried is up to you. Honestly, taking care of this is much easier than other types of hair extension, believe me.

That’s all about 24 inches Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft kinky straight hair, if you want more information, please contact us through Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR


 Double Drawn Weft skindky straight hair


 Weft skindky straight




 Vietnamese Human Hair

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