Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Deep wavy Hair

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The beauty of nomadic lifestyles have been inspring hundreds of generations, one of them is called bohemian lifestyle. This style has great affect on many aspects of lifestyle from peotry, art, spririt and fashion which is the most outstanding. Bohemian styles is attractive since it reminds of the good old days, liberation, emphasizes on distinction, and richness in cultural identity.

The beauty of bohemian girls is extremely noticeable with free-spririt lifestyle, maxi and patterned dress, big colourful blouse, dreamy eyes, bewitching jewelry, light shawls, and a strong, deep wavy hair. Especially, the obsession of the deep wavy, light brown remy hair of bohemian girls have made hundreds of heart melted, coming back in 21st century and become trendy more than ever.

In 21st century, many trendmakers such as Alph Lauren, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Yves Saint Laurent have been inspried by bohemian style with a lot of bohemian designs on the runway, which proves the long-standing seduction of this style. However, the deep wavy, light brown hair is indispensible to make a comprehensively bohemian outfit. However, with advancement in hair industry, achieving a bohemian hairstyle is not the problems of spending 5-6 hours in hair salon with hot rollers, bleaching, dying for a deep wavy hair anymore, the hair extensions are the newest, cheapest, and fastest way.

Inspired by bohemian beauty, Oscarhair debut Vietnam Double Drawn Weft Deep wavy Hair, and very honoured to seve your own beauty. Typically, this bundle is in deep wavy hair, light brown color and in double drawn weft. The deep wavy hair is often confused with deep curly hair but in fact, deep wavy hair is smoother, looser hair deformation with voluptuous waves. Especially, this style supports healthy apperance with a lot of sheens.

In this entry, I want to emphasize on some highlights of this bundle that you need to know.

1. It is in double drawn weft

I have written another detail entry about this texture yet in single drawn weft, if you want to compare, check that entry first. Well, for this bundle, the first thing catching my hand when I glide my fingers into this bundle is the healthy, and thick finish. The fibers are so soft, shining and bouncy that keep my real human hair in oh-so comfortable. The strong appearance of Bohemian girls can be achieved with ease! Importantly, this bundle is in weft, that means you can customize it into smaller pieces to fit with your head. There’s no need to worry about the ravelling after cutting, the seams which is crocheted by weft are strong and invisible, so you can wear it comfortable.

2. What makeup is suitable?

The makeup look is also one of the biggest concern affecting your hair extensions purchasing because the hair has great effect on the shape and overall beauty of users’ face. With this Weft Deep wavy Hair, the best makeup look must be in Bohemian style with dark, big eyes with thich eyelashes, some optional decorations, deep contouring and

nude lips but this makeup look is more suitable for photoshooting rather than daily life. Hence, you can try a natural make up look with light contour in cheek, corner of jaws, highlight on top of nose, emphasizing on eyes and finally, nude lips. Moreover, the neutral light brown colour of this bundle can be very beautiful with many skin tone from bright, tan to dark. In fact, Oscarhair offers variety of colour from blonde, any shades of brown and black, even ombre but I love this shade most. In brief, this deep wavy weft works very well with both Bohemian style and daily make-up.

3. What about outfit?

This bundle will work best with Bohemian outfit: maxi, floral dress, gladiator sandals, fullness of colourful jewelry , optional patterned belt but this outfit is quite festival so you can customize it to fit with daily life. Actually, this hair style doesn’t only work with Bohemian outfit, it can be mix and match very well with formal outfit to bring a creative look. About the colour of the outfit, I highly recommend the natural colour reminding of colour of leaves, flowers that make your overal appearance be in harmony. Don’t worry if you have no idea of hair to fit with your outfit, this deep wavy hair bundle will supports your shine a lot.

All in all, if Bohemian lifestyle stole some parts of your heart, try this Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Deep wavy Hair once, it doesn’t fail you.

As usual, if you want more information, call Whatsapp +84936164010 or fan page OSCAR HAIR


Double Drawn Weft Deep wavy Hair


Deep wavy


 20  inches


 #4, #12


 Vietnam Human Hair

Place of Origin

Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

Payment method

Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer

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