20 inch Vietnamese Ponytail hair

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I wear this bundle on daily basis, it is true fact because it blends very well with my ponytail hair. Due to the big and natural wave, (and my laziness too), I spend so little time to get it ready in the morning, I don’t have to style my straight real hair at all. Moreover, also due to big “S” wave, I could ponytail, braid or gather into a bun in any ways I want, which is what I cannot do with deep curly hair extension. Oh my god, I missed the good old days when my sister braided my hair before I went to school! I can also comb the hair extension with ease, which is impossible for more texturized hair styles such as deep curly hair. Moreover, owing to the convenience of weft, this bundle has the ability to be cut into smaller pieces to fit with my head without raveling. This convenience is actually time-saving and effort-saving since struggling to find a proper way to apply hair extension is really, really painstaking and make me lose interest.



I have been loyal to this wavy style since I was a school girl for a bigger reason that it can support voluminous and sleek look in the most ponytail hair way. Due to the fact that this bundle is made of 100% Vietnam remy human hair, the sleek and shining look of it is much more different from synthetic fibers, it is natural and of course, much more wearable than synthetic one. I remember that I wear this bundle in the prom in the last year as a student and I have never regretted about it. If the curly hair serves you sexy, and more mature look, this bundle serves you the youth. Fresh as a little daisy is what you can conceive of the look served by this bundle. You can show off your strong hair look with shining, silky texture and ombre effect under limelight of night prom, it’s really attractive.

Ponytail hair 2

All in all, the ponytail hair, as the name says, is the great choice for you on a daily basis. If you want one ponytail hairbundle, just contact Whatsapp +84936164010 or fan page OSCAR HAIR



Single drawn Ponytail Hair


Ponytail Hair


 20 inches


#1 -> #613


 Vietnamese Human Hair

Place of Origin

Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

Payment method

Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer

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