Vietnamese Single Drawn Weft kindky straight hair

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Human beings are always craved by the good old days. The power of nostalgia, the yearning for happiness, connection, belief in the past, always affect human perspective. Besides hectic lifestyle, let sit down and throw a minute to the past, and enjoy everything simple, crazy, innocent and wistful. The memory of 90s is coming back with full force from fashion, make up and hair styles. Kinky straight hair starts bombarding Instagram and promise a trend. Leading the trend with single drawn weft kinky straight hair now!


How can you identify the single drawn weft kinky straight hair ?

Kinky straight hair offer you a hair style that mimics blow dried hair with tiny ripples that support voluminous look. Also because of ripple, 18’’ kinky straight hair weave offer you more hair than pure straight hair.

Why should Vietnamese single drawn weft kinky straight hair be in your cart now?


  • This bundle is single drawn hair, which means the density of it is not even from top to tip, it tapers off towards the end. Thanks to uneven density, the bundle offer natural look from either side like your real hair. Moreover, uneven density also means this bundle is the combination of short and long hair. Becase of that, this bundle serve a soft finish which is very lifelike. Natural look does come from colour and thickness of fibers. This bundle is 100% made of Vietnam human remy hair that is very shining, dark brown and black, shining and intact cuticle, so it blends very well with your real hair.



2. Kinky straight is on trend

  • There must be reason for prevalence of this styles. Don’t forget the power of nostalgia! Natural Kinky hair straight reminds of the 90s with innocence, school-day films, shining summer in the past! All good days of the 90s come back on your hair, jog the memory of the shining past, and provoke inner connection of everyone. Everyone believes that the shine of the past is the most twinkle shine. The sense of belonging, connection to the past is depicted on your weft human hair extensions will enlighten your appearance. This bundle is not a hair, it’s a real experience, a secret weapon to touch inner happiness of everyone. Throwing back to the 90s will never get you wrong. Taking a seat in others’ memory never becomes easier with just a hairstyle

  • In spite of single drawn bundle with uneven density, voluminous look could be absolutely achieved by kinky texture. If you are looking for a voluminous look but wearable, kinky straight is for you. Moreover, kinky straight can turn into pure straight after flat ironing that satisfy your sleek and tamed look. Or you can hot curl to gain more chic look or just crazy up your style, kinky straight hold the curl better than pure straight a lot. Don’t worry, kinky hair weave look will be back after styling, even washing! More people share the worry of shedding with kinky straight hair. The answer is no. Even though kinky straight cannot serve the sleek look better than pure straight, it doensn’t mean it will shed. In contrast, with just once or twice combing a day, the Vietnam hair will be tangle-free.
  • All in all, Single Drawn Weft kinky straight hair from Oscarhair – human hair wholesale with high quality is ready to serve you now! Buy hair online through Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR

Single Drawn Weft skindky straight hair


Weft skindky straight


 18 inches




 Vietnamese Human Hair

Place of Origin

Oscar Hair


100 grams/ 1 bundle

Payment method

Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer

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