Super Double Drawn Hair

You have a short, thin hair? You are suffering hair loss? You cannot wait for any hair treatment because of party emergency? Super double drawn hair from Oscarhair will be your great choice!

1. What is super double drawn hair?

Just like double drawn hair, super double drawn hair was sorted out extremely carefully. 90% to 100% of the bundle is in the same length. The thickness of super double drawn hair is even from top to bottom. Moreover, the texture and colour are picked out strand by strand evenly so there’s no worry about the inability to blend in your own hair. The super double drawn hair is collected 100% of Vietnamese women whose hair is zero degradation, intact cuticle, strong and soft fibres. The hair is one of the best-seller products of Oscar hair with outstanding quality, creamy texture so we can confidently say that our products will satisfy almost fastidious customer.

2. Why does super double drawn hair extensions become hunting items?

Different from single drawn hair our double drawn hair, super double drawn hair cost a lot of effort manually to collect, measure, compare and classify from many sources. What a painstaking process! Thus, the thickness and length of super double drawn hair are exactly in the same. It’s not too much to say that your voluminous appearance will boost up immediately with super double drawn hair. Coming party? Sudden appointment? Dating? Disastrous haircut? There are so many cases that you have to appear with the perfect look but your real hair has the inability to support. Super double drawn hair with excellent thickness will be your best appearance saviour. The thickness is perfect from top to tip that serves your healthy and shining appearance wicked well. Moreover, there are more hairstyles can be designed due to the density without an extension being detected. The floating, healthy and seductive hair is not out of reach! With our super double drawn hair, your dream will come true with ease. Due to the large demand and shortage of supply, hair extensions become hot keywords nowadays.

More importantly, Vietnamese super double drawn hair from Oscarhair with premium quality making sure keep you so-oh comfortable. We provide truly super double drawn hair with perfect thickness, satin-like texture, glamorous colour, same direction and cleanliness. Because being made of 100% human hair, Vietnam super double drawn hair will blend smoothly with your natural hair, create seamless extensions. Because Vietnamese human hair is often black or dark brown, bleach is necessary for serving a variety of colours yet the strong fibres are sorted

Carefully allow you to bleach, dye, perm, style in any ways you want. Vietnam super double drawn hair might be more expensive than other types but it really worth! Our high-class hair quality and good customer service will polish your appearance in a minute!

For these reasons, Vietnamese super double drawn hair should be in cart for all girls. Let us spark your beauty through Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR for more information!

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