Mar 27,2019

Where to buy hair products online in the world?

Who wants to be glorious! Raise your hands! Party and ceremony is the place for you to turn on your powerful charming! In order to spark your charming, the lustrous and luxurious hair is indispensable. Instead of staying in hair salon for hours, human hair extension is your best choice to save time, save money and save effort. Just one click and millions of choice appear but… you still don’t know where to buy hair products online. In this discussion, we will introduce to you some good providers and some top hair care product you need to have now.

1, Before searching for where to buy hair online

Instead of take the whole morning or afternoon to wander around some hair salons to touch and screen for suitable hair extension, why don’t you try online service? You can stay in your office and are still well-informed about the hair extension that suits best for you with online hair extension providers. Believe me, don’t waste your time to do a research about the trustful providers because we are doing it for you! The only thing you need to do for your own benefits is study carefully about your own natural hair, that’s the first and foremost information we need to choose the best hair extension for you.

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Therefore, first of all, don’t rush into Google and asking for some question like where to buy hair, buy hair online from where, where to buy hair online, etc. The first thing you need to do is learn your hair. It is never a waste thing to learn about yourselves and invest in your health and your appearance never make loss. In order not to make loss in investing in your appearance, you need to know yourself first. There are some basic questions that you need to answer straightly and clearly.

1.What kind of hair you are? Thin or thick or coarse?

2.How long your natural hair is? Beneath the shoulder, equal to shoulder or equal to your chick or shorter?

  1. What is your natural hair colour? You need a special measurement of hair color tone under natural light, don’t use light in room to measure your hair tone it would cause differences.
  2. What types of your scalp? Oily or dry or mixed? For example, it is not advisable for oily hair scalp to use tape in hair extension because tape in hair extension couldn’t stick well in moisture and oily scalp.
  3. What purpose you use hair extension? Under hair treatment, for bridal event or ceremony? You need to clarify this for consultants to serve you best. For instance, Vietnamese Single Drawn Weft Hot steam wavy Hair 20 inches will work beautifully in bridal events. Or if you are under hair treatment, closure and wig work best for you.

Those above are 5 questions you need to answer clearly, consistently and fully to choose the best hair products.

2, Searching for hair extension online

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One of the big invest in hair look is hair extension. Hair extension is the powerful solution to upgrade your outlook in 21st century beside fashion and cosmetics. With the development in hair industry, human hair extension comes to the world and become the substitute for synthetic hair extension with ability to blend very well  to your natural hair, variety in colour such as natural colour, dark brown … length and texture and the longevity up to 3 years – that no synthetic hair extension could achieve!

The question is, with just 1 click on Google, you could find millions of results about hair extension coming up, but … where you buy the high quality human hair extension with the best price? That’s our exact problem today, high tech but not high touch. What do you think if I say you are wrong to rush into Google to search for hair providers? Google nowadays are greatly manipulative with SEO techniques and other analytical techniques that’s why Google are free to use. The right thing you need to search for at the first time is using Google to search some hair community, makeup world,  or some hair online selling channel and put your question at those place. You shouldn’t forget Facebook and Instagram to collect some famous human hair extension providers there. Those place are suitable for you to drop your questions there. You do this step to collect the reviews and real pictures of hair extension and note some trustful names. Then, you come back to Google and search for the name of the company, to see their selling channels, to see their product and what they said about their products. Are they compatible between what company says and the review of former customers?

That’s a smart way to avoid the manipulation in information. However, if you don’t have enough time to do so, Oscarhair is one of the best suggestions I could give you today. Oscarhair is a trustful hair provider in Vietnam and is one of the oldest company in Vietnam hair industry with over 10 years experience. Oscarhair meets all the expectation of good suppliers: close to hair source, consistent in marketing message, high social media accessibility, flexible payment and delivery method, knowledgeable customer service team. With long standing in hair extension market, it is a strong evidence for the quality, because only quality helps a hair provider like Oscarhair standing in market in such long time to serve American, Canadian market and so many hair customers.

One important thing in Oscarhair is that they are not afraid of negative feedback, they consider the negative feedback is a gift because they have great motivation to improve the experience of customer with their product. Therefore, they are not trying to hide or to control the feedback from customers, if you find the feedback to Oscarhair from any forum or social community, it is reliable and valid. Some hot products are receiving good feedback from customer like : Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Bouncy Wavy Hair 24 inches, Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Kindky Curly Hair 18 inches, and 20 inches Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Twist Curly Hair.

Therefore, if you don’t have any names of human hair extension in your mind, Oscarhair should be the first. If you have any questions or any comments, just call Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!