Mar 28,2019

Where to buy hair extensions product online?

The needs of modern people now don’t stop at physical need anymore , instead the need for self actualization is increasing according to Maslow hierarchy. One of the epitomes for self actualization is beautifying yourself. In the beauty products, besides cosmetics and fashion, hair extensions have becoming a first and foremost accessory that every girl should have at least one. Nowadays there are a lot of hair extension suppliers throughout the world but you don’t know how to choose the trustful providers whose products worth your money. In this discussion today, we are going to go insight into where to buy hair extensions product online to help you turn on your inner charming.

Having been  a long lasting company in hair industry for over 10 years, Oscarhair believe that everyone has inner charming and our mission is turning it on and boosting up your confidence. Oscarhair today will share with you some useful tips where to buy hair extensions and how to buy it safely.

  1. Checking the location of hair providers

If you are interested in any hair company and want to purchase it, you should check it first. There are a lot of company listing their address in their website and you can easily find it or you can take a step further and ask them where the company is. You should check this information first because there are a lot of hair companies located in China and they ship the hair from China. Hence, if you are in Canada or US, it will take a long time for the hair to come to your place, around 1 to 2 weeks depending on delivery service and their policy. We recommend you this because many customers are in party emergency and they want the hair quite rushly and with Chinese providers, it is impossible to delivery hair extension in short time.

  1. Looking at their photos

According to our research about hair company’s marketing strategy and the response of customers, around 72% of customer are turned off by the online visual aid of the company. For example, many Chinese providers use beautiful pictures of celebrities wearing hair extension but that hair extension doesn’t come from those companies and those companies are quite lazy in producing their own picture, they steal the picture from one another and that’s why the customers see a lot of similar hair extension pictures from Chinese providers. It is not valid, it doesn’t convey anything about their product quality. Our advice for you is stopping purchasing those products because you won’t want to receive a hair extension such as I tip, U tip, Clip in, Tape in that costs you a lot but it is totally different from your expectation. Oscarhair with over 10-year experience in hair industry, we thoroughly know our customers want honesty from providers and it is a sustainable way to develop, so 100% of our pictures is from our products, we don’t steal from any others and don’t use stock photos.

  1. Checking the return policy

Yes it is related to where buy hair extensions as soon as where to buy clip in hair extensions online because the hair return policy depends on where the company is, to some extent, and that is also important for you to check this information. In case that you receive products that doesn’t meet your expectation, you want to return it back and you should check how much money you will get back. For example, some Indian hair extension company require customer not to cut the elastic band off from the hair lock, otherwise, the customers couldn’t return the hair, so be careful and check the company’s return policy. Or you should check their policy to see whether they have test strip for you, if you can get the test strip, that’s great.

  1. Find the company having hair matching service

There are a lot of customer who don’t know much about their hair and they don’t know which hair is suitable for them. If you are in that case, hair matching service is very suitable for you. The companies who provide hair matching service will ask you to take a photo of your hair with high resolution under daylight (not room light or moon light) and send to the companies. They will “read” your hair and send you the advice based on your photos about the colours work best for you and your skin tone, the texture you should adopt and the length suitable for height. That’s great customer service. Or some companies will send you the hair measure tools and guide you how to use it if you don’t know, your results will be used as a reference for your purchasing decision. Hence, it is ideal for you to find a online hair extension company with hair matching service.

  1. Comparing the price and reviews


With online companies, you can easily to do small research about the price and quality of products. For instance, you should look at the highest gram product of 1 company and its price and compare it with the highest gram product of another company and its price. That comparison might sway you and help you to find the best provider who could meet your expectation. If you have different priority, judge the price on your priority. Of course, price doesn’t tell everything about the product, so you need to refer reviews or even asking reviews from the company. If you could find every comment, every reviews are good, you need to use different ways because perhaps these reviews and comments are manipulated by the company to build a positive image. The trustful providers are not the providers with only positive comments and reviews but the providers who deal with both negative and positive one. If you see negative reviews, let’s see how they comment back to that reviews or comment or they just leave them there. The action of the companies in dealing with negative feedback tells a lot about the customer service quality and product quality.

Those above are some tips for you to choose where to buy hair extensions online, hope that it could be useful for you. If you have any question or you want a hair extension, just call Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!