Mar 06,2019

OSCAR HAIR – The best wholesale hair in the world

Are you finding the best wholesale hair in the world? Are you finding a wholesale virgin hair for the next party? Today we will introduce to you a trustful hair vendors that you should pin it : OSCARHAIR! Oscarhair is a trustful provider who wholesale hair bundles  around the world and have 20 years experience in hair industry. If you are finding a good hair provider, OSCARHAIR is always here for you!

about oscarhair


  • Our mission and vision


The demand of beautifying is a natural demand of human beings. The history of beauty started long long time ago when people have consciousness. Beauty is not only the good  appearance, beauty reflexes our life style, social status and personality. Thoroughly understanding this demand, we are here to bring to you the best quality hair product with only one purpose to spark your inner charming, to boost up your confidence. Seeing our customer to be more beautiful,  more confident with our product is the great motivation for us to work and improve the product persistently.

Starting from that mission, Oscarhair harbour the ambition to build retail contribution system to over 150 countries all over the world in the period from 2018 to 2020 to serve the diversity of beauty demand well and approach more markets to serve more

  1. Our product

It is not too much to say that Oscarhair is one of the top hair wholesalers in the world. The top priority of Oscarhair is quality of the product that could satisfy any customer in any market. 100% product of Oscarhair is Vietnam virgin remy hair that is favourable in over 50 countries all over the world. Thanks to the superior quality of Vietnam remy hair which is soft, shining, yet strong and silky, we are so proud to be the favorite supplier of many hair salon all over the world and the first choice of many beauty junkies in the world. Moreover, our factory with modern production line and intensive training workers to sort out the best remy hair fibers that can support your beauty best.

The products of Oscarhair extension is various in colour, texture, length and thickness. Some of the most favourable hair colour such as blonde, dark and medium brown are always available in Oscarhair. Besides, we also have variety of colour pallete for you to choose the  most favourite colour. The texture is various with some common texture like straight, wavy, curly, kinky curly but we also supply so many unique textures like ocean romantic hair, bouncy wavy hair and so on to meet your demand of different occasion without restyle your natural hair. Our product line are diverse from I tip, clip in, tape in, wigs , closure, weft to serve the diverse demand of hair extension usage. Hence, don’t hesitate to ask us for more information to look for the best hair extension to spark with your own style. Design your hair, design your style!

Cheap price is never our competitive edge  in the hair industry. The quality of product is our top priority, we produce the superior quality product with the best price to ensure the quality is 100% Vietnam remy hair and your experience with hair extension from Oscarhair is worth each of your dollars. Our product with 100% Vietnam remy hair with no heat resistant fibers, animal fur or any non-remy hair will blend with your natural hair excellently. Investing in a high quality Vietnam remy hair extension is your best decision because it saves money in long term with long lasting expectancy of our product. The good quality hair extension can also suffer from many styling times, so you will never get bored with our products.

  1. Our customer service

Customer is our top priority, treating customer like ourselves is our core culture. We thoroughly understand the fact that a good product cannot sustainable without superior customer service, that’s why we are investing our resource in customer service with more personalization on 4 stages : informing to the customer, consulting, delivery and post sale customer service.

3.1 Informing to the customers

High quality products need informing as much as possible to the customer because we know that it is contribution to the wealthy of society in general. We are promoting our product intensively on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Google with honest information and images to tangibilize the product as real as possible. You can easily find us on facebook fanpage Oscarhair or keyword Oscarhair on Google to look out our products and feedback from former customers. We are trying our best to make our products well-informed to the customer. The superior quality of the products is the motivation for us to honest and transparent information the customer as much as possible.

3.2 Consulting

Understanding the high demand of differentiate the customer service, personalization is the first and foremost move of us. Each request of the customer are taken care by our human resource to help you find the most suitable product with the best price. Our caring, friendly and English fluent consultants will make you have a nice and comfortable experience like talking to a close friend. We appreciate each seconds you spend with us, our consulting service is informative, fast and comfortable to serve the best time with Oscarhair.

3.3 Delivery and Payment

Not only the consulting service, our delivery methods are diverse to ensure that our products will be in your hand as fast as possible. We transport the hair product to your place by Fedex, DHL or Ups so don’t worry if you are far from us, with Oscarhair, no distance to be too far to beautify yourselves. The payment methods is also easy for you, for every corner of the world because we accept Wupay, Paypal and Money Gram.

3.5 Post sale customer service

We welcome all the feedback from customer both negative and positive since we understand that each feedback from customer is a expectation to help us be better day to day and we appreciate that.  Feel free to give us a feedback, that’s helpful for us to serve you better!

If you do want more information, please contact us at: Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!


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