Aug 22,2018

Have you ever tried using Vietnam hair?

Have you ever tried using Vietnam hair? If your answer is never, you’ll regret after this information below. Because all of the Vietnamese human  hair is extremely strong, straight and black hair. That is the reason why it can be quite easier changed style such as a dye, curly or colored. What makes it become to preferred like that. First, I’ll say detail about the feature of Vietnam hair.

Vietnamese U tips Straight Hair Extension 20inches
Vietnamese U tips Straight Hair Extension 20inches
  1. Some characters of Vietnam hair that you may be unknown

In the fact, Vietnam hair has thick fiber and with a large amount of black melanin. You can see that the majority of Vietnam hair is dark and strong.  It makes Vietnamese human hair harder to dye bright color because it has much black melanin. But after the first of bleaching hair, it is easy to make the new color as we expect.

Besides, the Vietnamese hair is as same as other Asian hair. It is popular Asia people has almost long and straight. So it’s easy to explain why Vietnam one is more favored to use extension hair until now.

  1. You can distinguish Vietnam hair base on their characters

Each region has a different appearance about skin tone, eye color, etc. Especial, we always talk to hair’s feature. When we compare to other hair types, it’s easy to find Vietnam hair is stronger and thicker than common hair. This character might be the benefit but sometimes make difficult while styling. If when we try to seek a proper remedy for this hair, let’s try imaging we have a good-looking appearance with strong hair and look more natural hair. That is entirely amazing, isn’t it?

  1. How to take care of Vietnam hair?

You are owning a Vietnamese hair and finding the best way to hair care. We don’t need to preserve too properly like the common hair others. Because it’s very strong and  thick fiber. Don’t forget to wash your hair regularly to have a healthy and strong. You must use special shampoo for hair extensions.  In addition, you pay attention to avoid drying in the sunshine. The expert suggests that you shouldn’t usually dye color hair to protect your hair better. Because dye can damage inside fiber to make broken hair.

4. Have you ever tried using Vietnam hair?

Have you ever tried using Vietnam hair? We hope that this article will be helpful for whom find out about Vietnam hair. Thanks to this information, you can choose the most beautiful style extensions hair for yourself. Furthermore, you should care for the quality of this product and the background is guaranteed or not. Only make sure of quality can take the secure feeling when we use any product. Therefore if you want to buy Vietnam extensions hair, you should consider carefully to choose  where to buy.

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