Oct 08,2018

Update hair trends are most favored by women in different counties

In each country, women have different ways of beauty. Discover the beauty trends of women in countries that are considered the most beautiful in the world:

  1. America

Update hair trends are most favored by women in different counties

In the United States, where the latest beauty trends, the most challenging always change as fast as the storm there is a trend is not quenched, that is the Vietnam hair braid! The braided braid is elaborately elaborate that any lady would crave. From going out, going to parties to major events such as weddings, hair festival is also very nice to the flag. However, if you want to try the strange clip in hair extensions, you may have to look to the salon for the beautiful hair is not really simple.

  1. France

French women no one told each other are racing eye makeup with brown pastel – to give a natural look but still impressive enough with eyes gently pressed. For the hair, classic hairstyles, as elegant as the actress Marion Cotillard, with a slight curl tail, clawed behind the ear is a lot of girls to follow.

  1. Sweden

Update hair trends are most favored by women in different counties

Let’s forget about the traditional and simple Swedish ladies! Swedish beauty now likes to dye their hair extensions pink, blazingly stylish and striking! However, in order to maintain the color of this hair, they need to come to the salon regularly if they do not want the beautiful pink color turned into a pale country.

  1. Canada

Contrary to the hair braid in the United States, Canadian women prefer to loose curly hair floating and dyed platinum. This color will help lift up the skin of the lady up significantly, but must be carefully dyed, in a salon without your hair will turn into orange … orange color!

  1. Korea

In the country of kimchi, beside the white skin has long been a constant element of a standard beauty, the women here are very interested in hair. Korean women are now actively promoting the “crab noodle” type of curly hair with curly little curls. The singer, the beautiful actress Sulli is one of those people who are very fond of this hairstyle.

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