Oct 03,2018

Top Vietnamese hair trend 2019

The hairstyle is one of the most important accessories of every woman and completes her entire appearance in a special way. New Vietnamese hair trend 2019 are always attractive with modern girls because they always want to refresh themselves every day and now short hair is a trend to be loved by many people. If you are also thinking about how your next hairstyle should look, you can look at the hottest trends below.

  1. Short wavy hair

Wavy short hair is one of the shortest hairstyles should be applied and should not be missed in 2019. Though it includes light waves but it creates a subtle touch for a girl with a impressive outlook that boys can hardly take their eyes off. Moreover, this hair style is a great choice for genertic girls.

Vietnamese hair trend 2019

  1. Short curly hair

This stylish hairstyle can be used for parties or important events, it not only make the face brighter but also make you a more attractive. However, this style of Vietnam hair should be taken care of regularly, so you need to learn how to take care of hair when choosing this curly short hair style.

  1. Short roof hair

With this short hairstyle, it allows you to act comfortably and fit all of ages. Moreover, you do not need to specially take care of your weft straight hair after washing with shampoo. This is also one of the beautiful short hairstyles for the round face to cover up the weaknesses and create the balance for the face. Although this short hairlstyle is quite simple but when you choose the suitable dyed color, it becomes extremely noticable with modern style. This is also the great choice of hair style applied by many artists, so it becomes a hot trend of short hair style in 2019. Do not hesitate, you should try this fashionable hair style now.

  1. Short shoulder length hair

Short shoulder length hair

Beautiful women especially who own a round face is very afraid of short hair for being looked bigger. However with the short hair over the shoulder, you do not worry too much. This hairstyle suits most of the different face shapes, hide the weaknesses and honors the delicated lines of the face. Shoulder hair is still the hot trend of hair among many young people over the world. This type of Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Skindky straight hair is very flexible and easy to style. If you are looking for non short hair but still cool and create many styles to refresh yourself every day, you should  try it.

  1. Short straight hair

If you are ready for an amazing hair style, why don’t you carry off short and straight hair. This hair style is a hot trend hair style applied by many Korean girls recently. If you are a dynamic girl want to make yourself more graceful, you should to pay attention to this beautiful hairstyle in 2019. This is one of the shortest hairstyles which is suitable for women who like making notiable. This is a perfect choice for women who want to show their confidence. You should go to the reputable hair salon and to own long lasted hair extensions with modern style.

  1. Tomboy hair

Tomboy hairstyle is for naughty and stylish girls with round face or long face, who want to be fuller. Some beautiful tomboy hairstyles can help girls change their appearance totally and they will become younger, stronger and more dynamic. If you own a full round face, you can be comfortable with tomboy hairstyle. Plump and soft characteristics of the round face is the highlight of this hairstyle.

Variety of short hair styles that are mentioned give you many options to suit your style. With plenty of hair styles to choose from, I hope you can find your inspiration to try out a new short hairstyle. These simple hair styles are so fashionable and make you more impressive and noticable at parties, anniversaries or celebrations.