May 03,2019

Top 7 Best Blonde Highlight Ideas for Brunettes

In a time where the names of can easily be mistaken for popular and desserts, brown hair with blonde highlights is a combo that doesn’t have an expiry date. They are 7 Best Blonde Highlight Ideas for Brunettes for women.

A few of the many reasons why the hair trends color remains a classic is that it’s universal for any shade of brunette, easy to maintain, and is always seasonally-appropriate. Whether your brunette base is a deep chocolate brown or rich auburn, there’s a shade of blonde out there that’ll warm up and add dimension to your color.

Best Blonde Highlight Ideas for Brunettes

When deciding how blonde to make your highlights, Dilek Onur-Taylor, a stylist for The Salon by InStyle Inside JCPenney, says it never hurts to come prepared to your appointment with a colorist. Collect images of Vietnam hair color you like and don’t be afraid to ask questions before taking the plunge.

“Some things to take into consideration include how much time you want to commit to the upkeep of blonde highlights, your lifestyle, and your at-home maintenance regimen,” Onur-Taylor says. “An experienced colorist will analyze your hair extensions, your skin tone, and eye color to determine the most complimentary colors, technique, and whether you should go lighter or brighter with your blonde locks.”

Best Blonde Highlight Ideas for Brunettes

Onur-Taylor says if you are looking to for a subtle change, you should consider, “almost there, lit-from-within highlights of blonde.” A dramatic change might include bold, face-framing pops of blonde color to “bring out your best features.” “There is a perfect shade of blonde for everyone out there,” he says.

There are a ton of ways to add highlights to bulk hair, but the colorist recommends following a less-is-more approach to get the most realistic look. For instance, balayage and baby lights are a way to mimic natural, sun-kissed pieces that would occur from, as Onur-Taylor puts it, “a summer well spent in the sun.”

Even though highlights are less of a commitment than going full-on blonde, you should still take a little bit of extra care with your color to prevent any brassiness from coming through. Onur-Taylor suggests using a violet-based shampoo like , which will help prevent brassiness. Follow it up with a hydrating conditioner and weekly deep conditioning treatment. If you use heated styling tools, like a curling or flat iron, you’ll also want to use that contain a thermal protectant.

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“A good at-home haircare regimen will keep your blonde highlights shiny, healthy and add longevity to the vibrancy of your hair color,” he says.