Jul 26,2019

Top 5 best selling weft human hair extensions samples 2019

There are so much good product hair for women. But below are 5 best selling weft human hair extensions samples at OSCAR HAIR in this year.

1. Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft Hot steam wavy Hair

  • Double drawn weft hot stream wavy hair in medium brown is my gift to my mom in New Year’s Eve last year and the very first thing she said when wore it : “How angelic I am!”  Such a sincere and brutally cute compliment of my mom makes me get vicarious pleasure. My mom customized her hair extension in many hairstyles such as chignon, braid or let it be natural, those made my mom be classically beautiful and this hair extension uplifted my mom’s mood for the whole day. That makes me burst to laugh, I understood how a hair extension can touch my mom’s inner happiness like that.
  • However, that doesn’t mean this best selling weft human hair extensions  style is only for the old people. Once I lent it from my mom for one of my dating and it worked! :laugh: Hence, if you are finding a vietnam hair wholesale to rewind your age but not bored, go for hot steam wavy hair. The gentle waves of it will make you younger, doesn’t too mature like curly hair extensions. A perfect virgin hair extension like this can cover all your real hair that is in degradation time after time and very difficult to detect with untrained eyes owing to natural human fibers. Hot steam wavy hair will be smart choice to enjoy your age. It has 8 inch weave hair , 10 inch weave hair , 12 inch weave hair….  for customer.

2. Vietnamese Double Drawn weft body wavy hair


  • For the newcomers, you need to know how to distinguish a lot of textures of hair extensions. For Double Drawn Weft romantic curly Hair, what crush your eyes first is the romantic curly texture that twists tightly downwards, all strands are in the same direction and when you touch this human hair deep wave you can feel each strand are quite silky yet sturdy and not easy to loosen. As the name says, a romantic look can be achieved by using this best selling weft human hair extension so if you are looking for something seductive, something girly, a little bit mature, you should go for this.
  • In the past, I had a hesitation in trying romantic curly hair in double drawn because I think that curly hair can serve voluminous well if I also invest in double drawn hair, it’s gonna be too far for me, a very thick hair can be bulky. However, romantic curly hair extensions from Oscarhair – hair suppliers changed my mind, I try this bundle and guess what, I can believe it, it keeps me in oh-so-comfortable. For single drawn hair with a soft finish, after moving in strong winds, there’s sometimes minimal tangle but for this bundle, because all fibres are in the same length, even I ride my motorbike with bulky helmet and in strong winds, it still silky and I can glide my finger into it easily.

3. Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft kindky straight hair

  • The Vietnamese Double Drawn Weft kinky straight hair from Oscarhair is ensured in premium quality. This human hair kinky curly is made of 100% of Vietnamese remy human hair, collected and sorted out carefully from Vietnamese women that means the degradation of hair is minimal, intact cuticle so you don’t worry about tangling, shedding. This the best selling weft human hair extensions is a sharp proof that fuzzy look doesn’t mean tangling. It even allows you to glide your fingers into the bundle with ease!
  • Moreover, it is double drawn hair bundle. In comparison to single drawn hair bundle, this one contains more hair and support the voluminous look better due to the even density of the bundle, all the fibers are in the same length. One more plus point is that this bundle is crocheted firmly by machine, it has ability to be cut into smaller pieces to adapt to your demand of making clip ins or full wig, for example. It has size 8 inch weave straight hair20 inch weave straight hair30 inch weave straight hair,…

4. Vietnamese Single drawn Weft Romantic Curly hair:

Vietnamese Single drawn Weft Romantic Curly hair is collected authentically and carefully from Vietnamese hair girl nationwide. With premium quality of Vietnamese hair like soft yet strong fibers, minimal degradation, no shedding and no tangle, this bundle serves you as its price. You can wash, comb, style or dye as you want without worry about damage, the strong fibers can suffer all of these deformations. However, strong fibers don’t mean tough, or matte yet soft, silky and shining that serving your glamor absolutely well in your important day.
– Moreover, due to being made of 100% Vietnam human remy hair without any heat resistance or synthetic fibers, the texture of this bundle is definitely the same allowing you to achieve a glamour look in long term, the life expectancy of this best selling weft human hair extensions samples shouldn’t be in your worry.

5. Vietnamese Single Drawn Weft Natural wavy hair



  • I have been loyal to this Single Drawn Weft Natural wavy hair style since I was a school girl for a bigger reason that it can support voluminous and sleek look in the most natural way. Due to the fact that this bundle is made of 100% Vietnam remy human hair, the sleek and shining look of it is much more different from synthetic fibers, it is natural and of course, much more wearable than synthetic one.
  • I remember that I wear this bundle in the prom in the last year as a student and I have never regretted about it. If the curly Machine weft hair serves you sexy, and more mature look, this bundle serves you the youth. Fresh as a little daisy is what you can conceive of the look served by this bundle. You can show off your strong hair look with shining, silky texture and ombre effect under limelight of night prom, it’s really attractive.
  • It has so much size as 8 inch weave wavy hair16 inch weave wavy hair24 inch weave wavy hair

So you know about Top 5 best selling weft human hair extensions samples this year. To buy more product please contact us by Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR for more information.