May 04,2019

Top 10 Cool Hairstyles to Try This Summer

At last, though, the temps are starting to creep above freezing, and it’s actually light again when we’re leaving work, which means it’s finally time to road test the spring hairstyle ideas we’ve been stockpiling since November. According to the runways and the red carpet, the spring forecast is windswept with a chance of texture, and lots and lots of hair clips.

Double Bubble Pony
This sporty look is perfect for curls, as their volume works super well with sculptural shapes. The loose strands at the front make it extra dreamy.

The Bungee Pony

The Bungee Pony

Yusef—Rihanna’s hair extensions artist”—calls this look “athletic cool, bad girl, graphic with a little bit of edge” hair. We call it the best damn gym ponytail you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Studio 54 Curls
It’s a little bit disco, a little bit angelic, 100 percent pretty. Brush out your curls to get the fuzzy-in-a-good-way texture.

Royal Barrettes
We can’t all be Kate Middleton, but we can get this regal vibe easily enough. Throw on some gold Vietnam hair accessories and call it a day.

Peekaboo Braids

Peekaboo Braids
Add a little visual interest to your go-to waves with tiny braids behind your ear. Easy and pretty.

The Leather-Tie Pony
This easy ponytail would be cool now, in the seventies, and in medieval times, which you can’t say about most things.

Dirty Dancing Curls
Curly bangs have been having a moment for a while now and have no intention of slowing down for spring. We love them with a choppy lob.

An Undercut With Braids
The beads, the braids, the undercut—this look (spotted on Lupita Nyong’o at the SAG Awards) is nothing short of magical.

Berger, we’re sorry we were such B’s to you all these years. Consider this our “I’m sorry” Post-it, because in 2019 your leading lady would definitely be running around town wearing a scrunchie (and look incredibly chic doing so).

The “New Taylor” Shag
Hi, Taylor can’t come to the phone right now because this model stole bulk hair and now we want it too. Lobs aren’t going anywhere, and this choppy cut is a master class on how to keep the style fresh.