Oct 16,2018

The shortest favorite hairstyle in 2018

Short hair is not only liked by girls, but also many Vietnamese love also. Here are the shortest hairstyles that have been used most of the time.

Horizontal tail cup: Horizontal hair suitable for girls with oval face or elongated. To cover the fullness of the face, when cutting hair across, the women should bend the tail. Straight hair with tail curls make the face more round. This style is suitable for long face rather than round. Make sure that your Vietnam hair is properly curled. Dry and fibrous hair will make the hair tail and hard to fold

Beautiful female hair trends for 2018

Hair width of the roof thin: the roof thinning before the young women help a few years old. Choose very little hair in the front, cut short with eyebrows and curl slightly. Every morning you wake up, you should use a dryer or comb to brush off. In this way the hair looks natural, hugs the face and is much nicer.

The top of the hair is straight and straight hair. So wash your hair at least once a day, and always bring a brush to your hair. The ideal length of the bangs is about the same as the eyebrows, or longer than 1cm so that the face is not stained. If you own a round face, lightly curly hair your hair so that you can hold your face, creating a visual effect that covers the sides and helps your face look neat.

Straight natural wavy hair: This hairstyle is neat, with little care but still trendy. No need to bend or styled, even dyed, straight hair will still make a bounce, if you have thick hair. This hairstyle does not suit the thin and thin lady. Hair will make the hair stick to the skin, which no girlfriend would like

Horizontal Curly Hair: This curly hairstyle is considered the most popular in the early months of 2018. The horizontal hair is lightly dyed, curled with curls of bobbing hair, which helps to raise the lines for the face. The plus point for curly haircut is suitable for all faces.

Whether you own long face, round or angled, single drawn hair is covered with defects, bring modern beauty, romance. You can also combine horizontal curly hair with sparse roof, middle roof or unequal slope. Those with long face will fit with the thin roof, opposite the round surface in accordance with split roof split. It is important that the length of the hair is short on the shoulders