Oct 11,2018

The most popular hairstyles in the winter 2018

Here are the most popular hairstyles in the winter 2018, depending on the aesthetics of each person you choose for your hair style to fit your face and face.

  • Curly hair is always attractive, fascinated to strange women. The beauty of bending hair is the charm, sexy but no less delicate, gentle.

If you are bored with your natural straight hair style, please refer to the 6 beautiful hairstyles below for the winter of 2018.

  • Long curly hair curly waves

The most popular hairstyles in the winter 2018

Curly wave is a modern long Vietnam hair and personality. All you need to do with your long hair is to curl the curls gently, taking care of them regularly by steaming the hair so that it does not tangle.

In addition, you can also tailor this hairstyle by tying the ponytail or using accessories such as a bandana, a hairpin to help your hair be more neat and tidy.

The Vietnamese closure full wig curly hair style is especially suitable for girls who love stylish, feminine style.

  • Long hair

The most popular hairstyles in the winter 2018.

There are many people who think hair bulging will make you add a few more years, but look at this hair style to feel the youth, freshness and prominence of long curly hair brought.

Besides, this fancy hairstyle can suit all situations from going out, going to work or attending events, partying.

  • Short hair bob bent

Short hair bob is the most popular hairstyles women, the number 1 choice for women by the simple but no less breaking, different.

This hair style needs care and matching items to be able to transform with a variety of styles from elegant, sophisticated to attractive, sharp.

  • Long curly hair

By the end of 2018, if you still have long hair, try changing your look with your curly hair.

With the curls or curls will not affect the beauty of this hairstyles.

Note that long, curly hair is one of the easiest to use, as it can be combined with every kind of beautiful bangs like Korean spruce, flat roof or sloping roof.

  • Short hair

This ultra-stylish hairstyle will make many women want to try it right away. However, it is important to consider carefully because the short hair is roughly picky face. This is also the hairstyle is being popular in the country kimchi love and choice a lot as closure and wig

With the small curls that are inflated from the top of the head will bring youthful beauty and appeal

To get your hair clear, use a gel for your hair extensions after shampooing. If your style is lazy, your hair will lead to a lot of mess and mess.

Shaggy short hair gives you a liberal, liberal and somewhat wild look. If you are a fan of innovation, why not try this very popular hairstyle?