Oct 31,2018

The dye hair dye leads the trend in 2019

The dye hair dye leads the trend in 2019 in OSCAR HAIR for anyone.

Chocolate brown

The dye hair dye leads the trend in 2019

Chocolate brown is not a new hair color and not too prominent, but this color is expected to become HOT this year, because it brings young beauty, gentle but very attractive for any The woman who owns this hair color also helps to tone up the white skin for women.

Yellow honey

The golden hair like honey has never cooled down because it is not out of fashion, the face is always bright and is suitable for the way the makeup of Korean red lips. With dark gold honey, you do not need to bleach hair color well.

If you like the skin as white light, you can choose gold honey covered with smoke or light highlights to make Vietnam hair more play. Do not forget the eyebrows of the same color when selecting this highlight.

Pink gold

The dye hair dye leads the trend in 20192

This is a new and weird dye it is predicted that in the trend of dyed hair dye in 2018 it will be crowned. The pinkish-blonde hair color is quite interesting to create a very colorful effect on the double drawn hair when the light comes in. There is a yellow color and there is a very bright pink that stimulates curiosity from the opposite person so it is very young hearts.

Purple smoke

The trend of dying purple hair is making the women die tired, this beautiful straight i tips hair color gives the owner a gentle gentle style. This trend of vietnam remy hair dye is very popular now, an attractive color, many young people choose to renew their long style. You can confidently express your own style whenever you appear anywhere with this hot hair color in 2018. If you want to dye your double deep twist curly hair for 2019 but do not know what is “trendy” then this is the perfect hair color for you.