Nov 29,2018

The best hair style for round face and short forehead

If you are a person with round face and short forehead, the following beautiful hair styles will overcome the disadvantages on the face, help women always shine and charm. The round face is length and width with the same size, lack angles. People who own this face often have a youthful and lovely appearance. Here are seven hairstyles dedicated to women with round face and short forehead, make the face feel slimmer, more balanced.

Short bob

For a woman whose face is rounded and short forehead, it is the best with short bob hairstyles. With the slanting, deep side bangs and dyed by deep colors will help you look younger, more dynamic. This hairstyle helps the face to be slimmed down, and honors the beautiful look of ladies, cover the view of the opposite person to the short forehead

Wavy lob

Lob is a perfect combination of short and long hair. This is a great hairstyle for short forehead ladies who love personality and dynamism. Lob hair with slightly curved and Korean sparse roof will help women hide lightly short forehead on the face. Combining lob hair with fresh colors such as brown chestnut or brown coffee because it will honor the attractive and sexy look on your innocent face.

Long wavy hair

Long straight hair with a round face will make the face become inert and hard. To harmonize your short forehead, curl your hair gently so that they cling to the natural curve on your face. Certainly with long curly hairstyles, women with short rounded foreheads will become more serene, softer

Long hair with flat bangs

The best hair style for round face and short forehead

This is the hair style to help women cover their short forehead in a subtle way. Note, the bangs should be removed from the top of the head and if the baby hair is too thin will reveal your weaknesses. Long hair along with a thick and flat bang will give the owner a charismatic and an impressive look.

The shoulder length combines deep side parting

Because of the small space on forehead, you should let the hair cut across the shoulder. This single drawn hair is inspired by bouffant roof hairstyle of Korean artists, allowing hair to float all day long

Bouffant buns

Bouffant buns

If you want to be a noble lady, try the style of bouffant buns. This is distracted the view of persons opposite with bouffant bangs which extend to the short forehead. In addition, the inflated bangs and high buns also help women “cheat” height, the face becomes elongated

Long layered hair

Layered hair is always the perfect choice for people with round face, short forehead. If you are in favor of style, let’s try it. Your smooth hair with long layers will help round face not to be stained by feeling too much hair extensions

Conclusion: Choosing a hair style suitable for round face and short forehead, women should take care and moisturize hair carefully to change the vietnam virgin hair style everyday according to your preference without worrying about damage and shedding