Nov 15,2018

Medium Layered Hair Cut(Part 3)

Medium Layered Hair Cut of OSCAR HAIR for any women.

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  1. Salty beach blonde layer

Salty beach blonde layer

Do you want to create a new hairstyle with layers? Let’s try this sample. Short to medium layered hairstyles are great because a choppy style is simple and easy to maintain. Give a lot of texture to to the back with a sea salt spray. Bright blonde highlights either natural nor created  brighten and finish this look. Innovatively formulated with sea salt, beach wave spray provides subtle volume and fullness.  For effortless, matte textured style. Salty blonde balayage technique is the best for medium to longer hair and longer layers.

  1. Long layers for messy lob

If you wanna make yourself new and fashionable, take this style. Lobs maybe trendy but there is reason why so many women gravitate to this cut. Lobs let you wear your hair short while still keeping the length that feels feminine. Try a lob with a longer layers instead of a blunt cut to appear playful yet polished instead of severe. Commonly the name “the lob”, the length falls somewhere in between your chin and your collarbone. Especially, the lob makes all virgin hair look thick and healthy. Besides, the strong lines draw attention to bone structure and help frame the face. Because the length is maintained around the face, it creates a silhouette that flatters most if not all face shapes.

  1. Brown and blonde feathers

Feathered hair was a hairstyle popular in the 1970s and the early 1980s with men and women and it was designed for straight hair. The hair was layered, with either a side or a center parting. The wavy hair would be brushed back at the sides, giving an appearance similar to the feathers of a bird. Layered haircuts can work for all hair types and they are definitely cute and lovely. This blonde look is created by feathering the top layer to the ear level and then adding longer chunky layers to the back. And with two colors brown and blonde, you will have a noticeable and fashionable hairstyle that makes you more confident and attractive on any ocasions.

  1. Mid length cut with curled layers

Medium Layered Hair Cut 2

Try dressing up the mid length style with some curl and volume. Blow dry with a round brush, giving the lift to the roots and flicking the ends or use a curling iron to define the ends of layers for added texture. The best haircut to sport to maximize the definition of your curls is a layered cut. The gradually increasing lengths of different sections of your hair allow your curls to bounce around in their full glory, making them look exactly the way you dreamed of. Curly hair looks best when it is shoulder length or longer, and with a few layers cut in to keep it from looking bottom heavy or boxy. So you will have not only a fresh and attractive remy hair style but also an noticeable outfit that every woman wanna be.

  1. Medium length cascade

This is a soft, sweet look that does not take too long time to style or maintain either. The layers begin at the chin and create at the two tiered hairstyle that pumps the top part and show off fun feathers of the bottom section. With haircut cascade for medium cheap human wavy hair, the shape is given and the extra volume is attached and the buckles are shortened slightly. So, the upper layers in the cascade are always made slightly shorter than the bottom. Depending on the shape of the face, the cascade can be cut from the top of the head or begin slightly lower. And this haircut is universal and suitable for everyone and is performed on both straight, slightly wavy and even strongly curly locks. Especially, it is stacked in a matter of minutes and with the help of it, the shape of the face can be adjusted. On the basic of the cascade, any kind of hairstyles can be performed from classical to the most creative ones.