Nov 06,2018

Long hair style(continue)

Long hair style(continue) for women hair.

  1. Long choppy cut with a sprinkling of layers

Long hair style(continue)

Are you looking for a fun and flirty haircut? Let’s try a choppy hairstyle. These looks are not only fun, but easy to achieve as well. This trend can be worn short, medium or long and is super versatile. So if you want to spice up your long hair a little bit, do not miss out this style. When it comes to cutting layers, you do not have to go for a dramatic length difference. Hair layers come in all different forms. You will get the same amount of movement and do not spend too much time afterwards. Choppy hair is so fun and easy to style and you will realy become more attractive and noticeable everywhere.

  1. Long layered half curled hair

Long layered haircuts are an excellent choice to bring volume and change things up without necessarily going short. Layered haircuts and hairstyles for long hair are perfection cause they work so well with trendy hair colors and balayages and they are easy to style. Voluminous dark brown curls and waves can disguse thinning hair. You can add to the fullness by using rollers or a curling iron. Keep all the curls in place with a high hold hairspray. Waves and curls are the go to hairstyling choice for most long haired babes these days and they pair extremely well with all kinds of layers.

  1. Long dark hair with blonde contour balayage

Long dark hair

Chocolate brown that cascade into warm blonde tones are a mordern twist on a classic hair color. The layerd curly ends give a sense of length and bounce and the center part works well with most facial sihouettes. If you want to play with texture and volume, and want long layered hair that is a little more wild, then having shorter, shoulder length layers all around the crown, to break up the monotony, is an excellent choice. This makes the Vietnamese hair look much thicker and fuller at the shoulder. In this look, this style shows off the warmer parts of the blonde balayage.

  1.  With caramel balayage

Although balayage has been around for years, it continues to be one of the most requested color techniques in salons and be by loved many people. Haircuts for long Single drawn hair can extend from the middle of the shoulder blades all the way to the small of the back. Highlighting the entire length of the hair shalf can cause damage and it is harder to maintain. Combat the problem by opting for a balayage where small strands are bleached and colored only at the ends. From soft subtle brown tones to more dramatic caramel, you can add flair to your natural brunette color. This balayage looks like someone poured the perfect caramel color onto warm chestnut double drawn hair for a light catching effect all over.

  1. Black and brown layered cut

Most of the dark brown and black colored Vietnamese lace closure hair is all one length and the rest of the hairstyle has just a few very fine layers concentrated at the crown, creating deviation without reducing bluntness. You will become more perfect in natural dark and light brown colors. Starting the layering just above the chin is the best choice for anyone who wants to highlight their features or who needs a bit of structure. The layers can also be swept aside and provide a side swept bang effect. So every women will have a new natutal look and impressive apperance while stylying this hair.

  1. Wrapping feathered layers along the sides

The chicest styles are the one that look like the hair when you woke up, leave your bed and went on your way. Long layered hair make you more closer to the desired effortless look. The feathered hair style helps your hair fall into place easily and saving you a lot of time in the morning that means lesser time spent on styling it. Getting your hair cut in layers will make your life so much easier that means lesser time spent on styling it. A layered cut will reduce some unnecessary volume from your hair and also prevent it from knotting and tangling too much.