Oct 17,2018

List of beautiful hairstyles around the world

If you want to know what hair samples are being loved by females? Let Oscarhair walk around the continent to List of beautiful hairstyles around the world.


  • Straight

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Straightening hair as smooth as the shampoo ads have never disappeared on the stage of Paris Fashion Week, Milan. This hairstyle makes the face less prone and more elegant. You should use hairsprays to fix the hairs at the turn of the throne and apply serum, nourishing weft straight hair in the body to increase the shine, shine.

  • Hair of the 40s

The French twist of the French nobleman’s classic twist has now returned at fashion shows and red carpet, honoring the elegance of splendid gowns.

  • Curly bob hair

In 2018, the classic minimalist and elegant retro styles are especially popular in Europe. Frizzly bob hairstyle or nostalgic noodle head. You can coordinate with the horizontal hair, sloping roof or beautiful roof.


  • Wavy hair

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The light curly bobbing floats like water ripples and simply does not need to be styled in Korean and Japanese femininity for years. The advantage of this weft wavy hair is that it suits most of the faces and costumes, helping to enhance the feminine, sexy but no less liberal, modern.

  • Bob sits in the middle

The staggered hair is a classic Korean hairstyle. This year, the smooth bob hairstyle combined with the middle split will create a dynamic style that is both familiar and fresh for Asian girls.

  • Curly noodle

The curly haircut of curly buns like singer Sulli is a trend young people love for sweet, mischievous and a little bit of love. To get your hair clear, you need to squeeze the hair gel and shape after shampooing.

  • Baby baby

The baby’s hair is cut short across the forehead and thinner than the classic arch. Baby style is the perfect way to make your Vietnam human hair look modern, still a bit retro direction and show the lines on the face

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