Oct 15,2018

List of beautiful hair colors in 2019 for women and girls

Choosing the right color of hair dye suited to the skin not only helps you more stylish but also makes your skin whiter at least two tone. But to choose the right color hair dye, it means that you need to determine what color your skin is

Beautiful hair color for dark skin

Dark skin women often have a few options. Colors that match your skin include dark tone such as dark brown, chocolate or dark red to help lighten your skin.

Chocolate brown

List of beautiful hair colors in 2019 for women and girls

It is an indispensable hair color in the upcoming hair collection 2019. You do not have to invest too much time in making up every day. You just make up your lips and cheek. It is enough to shine. Many hairdressers also predicted that this chocolate brown color could create the trend for beautiful hair color in 2019. Chocolate is not new but never reduce hot.  If you do not want to own a Vietnam human hair that is too prominent then chocolate will be a perfect suggestion for you. The harmony of beauty will help the skin and face brighter and more dazzling.

Chestnut Feather

Chestnuts have not cooled down in the trend of beautiful hair color in 2019. Not only bright white skin, it also helps the skin like tan skin, yellow skin and dark skin become brighter. That is one advantage for sisters to look for. With brown skin, you can also dye this light. Brown chestnut is a very popular dye color because it is most suited to all skin tones, but this is a neutral color for those with light skin.

Dark Brown

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Same brown tone, but dark brown is preferred by teenagers. Especially the girls are in school age. The hair color does not stand out in the house, but it is very attractive when you step out in the sun. If you are looking for a Vietnam hair extensions color that fits your personality, this dark brown will not let you down.

White Linen

Smoky color has been popular around for 2 years but it is still the first choice of young people. The color is not just for those who like short hair, it is also a special clip in hair color for hair fellers. Instead of making curly and wavy hairstyle, let change your hair color. Dark smoke is color that you should try if you are a personalized and stylish girl. However, it must be acknowledged that smoky tones are quite difficult to color and require more steps to bleach

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Reddish Brown

Presumably with the advantage of highlighting skin, this reddish-brown hair will never be obsolete. When combined with light makeup, you will look more youthful and charming. In addition, combining with bold makeup, your appearance may be more attractive and personality. Reddish brown not only helps to make your skin whiter, but it also brightens your face.